Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Holiday Season

Above is a close up of the Silver Lace Red Maple in front of the house. For about a week at the end of Fall, the tree's leaves turn a bright red, then die and fall off. In the old days, the end of Fall was generally somewhere around the third week of October around here. This picture was taken November 21, 2007, or about a month later than you'd expect. Full Fall colors were still here in all of their vibrance the last week of November.

For those of you like Pool who have friends that would like you to believe that Global Warming is a figment of your, and everyone else's imagination, ask them to explain how Fall got moved back a full month. Be careful because sometimes a lot of smoke and mirror action can ensue from both sides of the issue. I like going with the obvious, like, is the Planet Earth getting warmer? Yes, we are still coming out of the last Ice Age, so the Globe is getting warmer. Is the Globe getting warmer faster than it should? What about the hole in the Van Allen Radiation Belt? I have no idea. I leave that to the scientist who have the proper training, please fund their research. This is where you should realize that i don't need to go any farther. So, I'm not.

That brings me to the Holiday Season. There is Depression everywhere. The DC area is mourning the murder of Sean Taylor, who played football for the Washington Redskins. The Redskins played Buffalo earlier today, their first game since Taylor's murder, and the team was having a lot of trouble playing. They led until the last 4 seconds of the game, and then lost it. Their coach, a Hall of Fame Coach, committed a foul that I had never heard of, but he was severely distracted, as was the team.

Other heinous events have also occurred but got less press coverage. A man arranged to meet his wife near here to exchange their children for Thanksgiving in a neutral park. The man killed his wife and two children with a knife, then killed himself. Last Monday, a man attempted to cross the street a mile from my house. It is a six lane 40 mile per hour road. He was involved in a hit and run accident, and died of his injuries. The police found the car, in Virginia where it was registered. They determined that the car did not inflict all of the damage to the man, but that at least one more car was involved. These two stories made the local paper, but not the daily national press that Sean Taylor's murder has.

It's true, bad things have always happened. The world is a nasty place. I think that is one of the reasons I took so much pleasure from Holmes, and the silver lace red maple, my wife, and the people who comment on my blog. That means all of you. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. I'll try to get out more, and comment and blog more.



Nosjunkie said...

that looks great with all the red but yes I do agree I have noticed over here aswell that things have moved close to a month on and in the great scheme of things a month is a long time

Szarek(Will) said...

The qis why?

Why does people do hit and runs...why does people kill other...?

Its just stupid

BTW the red looks cool

WanderingGirl said...

Global warming has turned "kitten season" into "kitten year". The tree is magnificent... how goes the garage?

We're glad to have you here, too, Monty!

Glamourpuss said...

What a beautiful little tree - I love the colour.

(Focussing on the good stuff)


Odat said...

I'm blessed for knowing you...and I love maple trees...(like puss, good stuff!)

WNG said...

In my little corner of VA a 15 year old was shot by a 13 year old and a 14 year old while he was trying to protects his mother during the robbery of a restaurant.
Is there more senselessness during the holidays, or do we only feel it more acutely?
Thank you for getting it and being here. We miss you when you're away.

M@ said...

The first photo looks like Liberace collided with a pelican.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm sorry you are feeling blue. It's very hard to wade through all the sadness and still see the beauty in the world.

Yes, there is a lot of cruelty in the world.

But you what? We notice it because it's the rarity, not the norm. Even a 100 years ago, these stories were run of the mill.

This is a beautiful world. People like you are in it. Trees survive the winter - you will too.

How's the new job?

My Reflecting Pool said...

People are gross.

I remember as a kid in Northern Virginia in the late 70's, it snowed on halloween. Can you imagine? That is a huge change from today. Snow in October is unimaginable now.

Wicked H said...

Dear Bro:

Sending lots of hugs!!!


Claudia said...

That tree is beautiful!! Yes, nasty things happen and unfortunately, the papers hardly ever report the good stuff that happens. it's there!! it really is!!

Crankster said...

Right there with Pool--I remember Halloween snow. On the other hand, it is bitterly cold at the moment, so I have a hard time freaking out about global warming!

Beautiful, beautiful tree, Monty!

cmhl said...

so, do you believe people are inherently good, but misguided and selfish? or do you think there is a spark of evil in most people?

Ecclesiastes 1?

cmhl said...

and, absolutely beautiful tree. gorgeous..

The CEO said...

I believe that people are basically good, but that overcrowding is making all of us a little crazy. What had me depressed the most is that the three incidents all happened less than a mile from my house. Hit and runs are new to the neighborhood as is murder/suicide to the park.

So I put in my little tree so I had something good to end with. I never really appreciated the need for the real beauty and serenity of flowers and trees before. I have learned a lot this year. And there's so much more to learn!

Lee said...

Oh Monty, that tree is on fire isn't it? Sorry to have missed you the other day. Hope the job is fulfilling and keeping your mind off of the sad events of the day.

Maybe you, me and Matt can meet up for a drink this holiday season?

The CEO said...

Lee, that's a great idea! Do you want a red maple all your own? For Christmas?