Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For CMHL and The Bat, Wherever She May Be

There is still no word as to where Battie might be. The positive hope is that she is in someone's home playing with their children, and that she is loved and well cared for, and an inside cat now. I'm not giving up hope for Battie coming home, I don't work that way. But absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I dedicate this to CMHL and The Bat. Anyone missing a cat, or anyone else will be able to relate as well. I think that Open Grove Claudia may be right about acts of kindness.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have Been Preoccupied A Little, Please Excuse Me

OK, so I herniated a disc in my back. Actually, I re-herniated it crawling on the floor late last week. Now you know I am not anyone's friend with benefits. M@ handles that for me. I hang with Judy. Now that I injected the right amount of sex, I can continue with backs.

This is a lateral (side view) MRI scan showing a patient lying face down with 8-9 mm herniated lumbar disc at L4 L5. Tiffany King got the one below this one playing volleyball, which is the one I had operated on last December.

It's very uncomfortable to sit and type for me, so this has taken a few days to put together. If you look at the diagram below, you can see where the red herniated part of the disc is pushing into the yellow nerve strands in the back causing pain. The pain is sort of rainbow colored and blinding, sort of, which is why you normal folks can't see it so well. Count yourself lucky.

I'll be around to your blog as I can get to them. And have a good time until I get there!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day

First, some great news. Little Oreo has found her way home. Unfortunately, her sister Battie hasn't made it back yet. I emphasize yet. Given that Oreo has returned is that the glass is half full, and it is half full of champagne.

I continue to pray, and hope for Battie. The fireworks below are for Oreo.

I'd like to wish my friend Carrie in Toronto, my friend Alison and Allan and their children from France, my friend Alison in Alberta (now) who is better at English than I am (she's better at most things than I am come to think of it), and all of my friends who celebrate Bastille Day, a very Happy Bastille Day!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some Of My Best Friends

Some terrible things have happened lately that have taken my attention from the blogosphere. A niece had an accident that put her and her child in the hospital. Over the 4th of July weekend, a dear friend went camping with her family. While away, someone threw a block of firecrackers into her garage, where her cats stayed. Fortunately, with all the gas cans around, there was no fire. But her two cats have not been seen for the last 24 hours. I will make a donation at the animal shelter in the morning, and pray, and hope you will pray too, for the safe return of her two cats. Naturally, I shot a request to Holmes to see if she could look into this for me. I always think of Holmes first.

In an attempt to try to be positive, I have assembled a few images of some friends of mine. Below is my friend Tiffany King and her fiance/boy friend/main squeeze/friend of mine/PB. PB is one of the nicest, most laid back, smartest, most lucid, interesting people you could ever want to meet. He's also likable. He and Tiff work at the same Body Repair Shop. Judy tells me that he's a hunk, and I trust Judy in all things male, because I don't care about those things. It's better that way.

Directly below, after dinner, Otis joined in the merriment as we relaxed after a filling dinner at Charlie's, the finest restaurant in the area. Otis was actually competing with Tiff for bonding space with PB. Understandable.

This is Tiffany's dog Pooh King. I have a wonderful relationship with Pooh. He and I communicate with each other. We are close friends. We have been that way from the moment we met. I took Pooh out every day, several times a day. It was not a chore. We talked endlessly. Strange for a cat person, you say. Pooh lives with a woman and two cats. Pooh has wisdom. Pooh is unique. I adore Pooh King. Plain and Simple.

Here we have Tiffany in a love fest with her other, bionic cat who is running on atomic energy at the moment. The cat hid the entire weekend.

Pooh had come over and said, "How about one last trip around the parking lot for old time's sake before you leave?" And I said, "Sure!" I keep telling you we communicate well.

And, by request, the Jefferson Memorial at Cherry Blossom time.

And finally, a young baby female cardinal, a few days old.