Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some Of My Best Friends

Some terrible things have happened lately that have taken my attention from the blogosphere. A niece had an accident that put her and her child in the hospital. Over the 4th of July weekend, a dear friend went camping with her family. While away, someone threw a block of firecrackers into her garage, where her cats stayed. Fortunately, with all the gas cans around, there was no fire. But her two cats have not been seen for the last 24 hours. I will make a donation at the animal shelter in the morning, and pray, and hope you will pray too, for the safe return of her two cats. Naturally, I shot a request to Holmes to see if she could look into this for me. I always think of Holmes first.

In an attempt to try to be positive, I have assembled a few images of some friends of mine. Below is my friend Tiffany King and her fiance/boy friend/main squeeze/friend of mine/PB. PB is one of the nicest, most laid back, smartest, most lucid, interesting people you could ever want to meet. He's also likable. He and Tiff work at the same Body Repair Shop. Judy tells me that he's a hunk, and I trust Judy in all things male, because I don't care about those things. It's better that way.

Directly below, after dinner, Otis joined in the merriment as we relaxed after a filling dinner at Charlie's, the finest restaurant in the area. Otis was actually competing with Tiff for bonding space with PB. Understandable.

This is Tiffany's dog Pooh King. I have a wonderful relationship with Pooh. He and I communicate with each other. We are close friends. We have been that way from the moment we met. I took Pooh out every day, several times a day. It was not a chore. We talked endlessly. Strange for a cat person, you say. Pooh lives with a woman and two cats. Pooh has wisdom. Pooh is unique. I adore Pooh King. Plain and Simple.

Here we have Tiffany in a love fest with her other, bionic cat who is running on atomic energy at the moment. The cat hid the entire weekend.

Pooh had come over and said, "How about one last trip around the parking lot for old time's sake before you leave?" And I said, "Sure!" I keep telling you we communicate well.

And, by request, the Jefferson Memorial at Cherry Blossom time.

And finally, a young baby female cardinal, a few days old.


Odat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your neice and friend.....I will shoot some positive waves up for them too.....

But it sure looks like you had good friends to lighten up your life for a bit!!!

Love the pics too!
Stay well :-)

Alison said...

Odat said everything I was thinking.

Mel said...

OH my goodness....thank goodness everyone's 'okay'.
and...What WERE they thinkin' tossing those things in a garage?


*sending prayers and positive, healing thoughts* (for the humans and for the critters)

The good company and wondrous moments you captured in photos speak to the calm moments even during the storm. They're good things to I've come to know you do.

Thinkin' of you and yours......

WNG said...

Prayers and good wishes and mental vodka, all flowing your way. Sometimes people are just idiots, hopefully the cats will be back after the scare wears off.

As for Pooh King - could he BE more adorable??? I'm not a cat person myself, but I have always believed in the wisdom of dogs.
I'm glad it wasn't all bad for you. Hugs to you and Judy!!!

cmhl said...

I think Pooh King has just about the best dog name ever. I just love that name, Pooh King. He looks like he has such personality as well.

I am terribly worried about the cats. But what do you do? sigh.

NoRegrets said...

I like to think the cats are off plotting their revenge, hopefully not against all humankind, but rather those who threw the firecrackers.

I like the cardinal!

Open Grove Claudia said...

It's very hard to see the positive in things when the ones you care about are suffering. I always focus on the way they strive to overcome - as you are in this post. People are stronger than they know - these challenges bring out their strength.


PhoenixHearse said...

So sorry to hear about your family and friends. They're all in my thoughts.

Too bad Pooh can't go to the hospital to cheer them up.

The CEO said...

ODAT, as always, you're a sweetheart.

Alison, it's always good to see you.

Mel, the niece and her son are now home. We await good news about the cats.

WnG, than you for your good thoughts and the mental vodka. Pooh is indeed a very special friend. Very insightful, very gentle.

CMHL, Pooh King has a vast, rich personality, lives with two cats, is enormously protective, totally loving, excellent with children, and more tolerant of Michael Vick than I am, assuming Vick is really sorry. Pooh King is really hoping that the cats are OK, and about to show up.

NoR, I have had you on my mind lately. I hope you're right about the cats. The bird is sitting on the arm where the bird seed is hanging. The feed is at the bottom of the chain. And thank you for the beautiful rendition of the Byrd's "Seasons"

Claudia, thank you for your insights when times are difficult, and your warmth and humor when they aren't. You are a good friend, and I appreciate you a lot.

Heather, you have captured exactly what Pooh King is about, precisely. I suspect that Lainey (sp.?) is pretty similar.

WanderingGirl said...

Pooh King is organizing a search party for the cats. He could NOT be more adorable, or love his litter-lovin' buddies more. If he finds the cats, he will aide and abet any plotting they do against the firecracker throwers and throw in a Michael Vick beat-down just for fun.

Sorry to hear about your family and friends. I'm sure all will be okay.

The CEO said...

Hi Tiff, nice to see you. Hug my buddy Pooh King for me, and my other buddy PB too. Thanks!

Wicked H said...

Accentuate the positive, seems right to me also.

Sending positive, healing ju-ju.

The baby cardinal made my eyes leak.


Glamourpuss said...

Sending positive vibes to those who need them. How did the Pooh King earn his title?


The CEO said...

Puss, I'll have to ask Tiffany and get back to you.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Glad to hear that your family is home from the hospital & I am hopeful that outside of a mortality reminder that there are no lasting effects on them.
The cats may stay away for a week or so, they can venture quite a distance when spooked. luckily they have one another & they are amazing at finding their way home when they feel things have calmed down a bit. Bless their little hearts.
Pooh King looks very sage & being the cat-lover that you are, you undoubtedly picked up on that.
Glad you have been surrounded by good people, happy belated Fourth. P&L.

M@ said...

Tiffany reminds me of Wandering Girl a bit....

The CEO said...

SLB, thank you, it's been an interesting time lately. It's always good seeing you. Thanks for your good wishes. I'll be along soon.

M@, I can't get anything by you, can I?