Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Long and Short Of It

The Olympics are over. I did not pass the Series 66 exam last week, and neither did the other 4 people I took it with. When I took the Series 7, there were 160 questions and 6 hours to take the test. I finished in 3 hours. The 66 had 110 questions and was 3 hours long. I finished with 8 minutes to spare. It was basically law, and was pretty strange.

One question said, "The Administrator can invalidate your license for the following reasons, which one is not valid?" And they proceeded to list four perfectly valid reasons, which meant that they had changed a word in one of them, and you had to pick it out. I still have no idea. I'm not the lawyer-type.

I'm here to tell anyone who trips, this is a speed bump. I can refile to take the test again in 30 days. I'm not down, this is just a pain in the butt. Why wait to write about it so long? Our office had a surprise audit pulled the next morning that lasted three days, ending Friday night. That was a big deal. I took the weekend off and went with Judy to her Division's Annual Crab Feast yesterday.

And now that the Olympics are over, the Democratic National Convention starts tomorrow. Poor Open Grove Claudia, she deserves better. She lives in Denver, took close to where the the Convention will be. May she, her family, and her house be safe from Convention-sight-seers. And tigers, too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For The Olympics, et al

Allan and Alison got married on August 1, and after the weekend reception, the planetary gravitational constant has remained the same despite the odds. That means all is well, as it should be in Lexington, both of them. That, in and of itself prompted selection of the "Ode to Joy". Naturally.

Unfortunately, Battie hasn't returned home. And Tiffany King wasn't miraculously healed by her second epidural. That didn't stop her from breaking in a new grill, although she may decide to try grill meat next time.

The Olympics have started, so I picked the KSB from Korea doing the swing version of the Ode to Joy, which provokes the Germans no end with the hand clapping. For those of you who want to see what Franki looks like, one of the singers is a pale imitation of her. She's much better looking in real life. Really. More as it happens. Oh, and say nice things to Glamourpuss, anyone named Mel or Claudia. Thanks.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Foods and Health

This came in the mail, and I found it intriguing. What took a lot of time, and I never got it done, was the pictures that accompanied each little paragraph. I can't tell you if it was because it wasn't feasible, or because of the pain meds, but the pictures are gone. I still found it interesting. I'd like your opinion.

God left us a great clue as to what foods
Help what part of our body!

God's Pharmacy! Amazing!

A sliced Carrot looks like the
Human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human
Eye... And YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and
Function of the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and
Is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows
Tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are
Indeed pure heart and blood food.

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart.
Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today sh ows
Grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right
Hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles
Or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help
Develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.

Kidney Beans actually heal and
Help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like
Bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium
And these foods are 23% sodium. If you don't have enough sodium in your
Diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods
Replenish the skeletal needs of the body.

Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears
Target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female - they
Look just like these organs. Today's research shows that when a woman eats
One avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and
Prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly
Nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are
Over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of
These foods (MO dern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

Figs are full of
Seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male
Sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actual
Ly bal ance the glycemic index of diabetics.

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries

Grapefruits, and other
Citrus fruits look just l ike the mammary glands of the female and actually
Assist the heal th of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the

Onions look like the body's cells. Today's research shows
Onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even
Produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working
Companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free
Radicals from the body.