Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Change In The Air

The gasoline refiners are reporting their earning now, and they are getting killed. Even Exxon, who earned more money than God, earned less than expected because their refining earnings were lower than expected. Politicians rarely have a good grasp of economics, or what the economy is actually doing. This is typically true regardless of party, so I'm not favoring either party here.

This week, oil bounced off of $120 a barrel and closed today at $111.00 a barrel. It could test $100.00 a barrel. Gold was close to $1000 an oz., and is now under $900. Most of the commodities have dropped too. What is hard to know is if this is temporary, and that the trend upward in prices will resume, or if we have hit the top, and prices will now moderate somewhat. Only time will tell for sure.

So on Friday morning, I will take Judy away for a quiet weekend away from here in a secluded retreat in a secret location for a fabulous get-a-way weekend in exotic surroundings. More later! We're going to have fun. There could be a little sushi involved.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for quiet retreat with a loved one!! Whoo hoo! I hope you have a deliciously wonderful time. The world will sort itself - it's not up to you. :)

At least not this weekend.

Alison said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Allan said...

Have a great weekend.

WNG said...

Yea for you and Judy and YEA for sushi! You guys have a great time...and buy me something! I mena, um, just have a great time :)

Echomouse said...

Thanks for the update on the oil situation.

Have a glorious weekend!! You and Judy deserve lots of fun and lots of sushi at the very least :) {Hug}

NoRegrets said...

going to your backyard in a tent? :-)

Wicked H said...

Clandestine trips, always the best.


Odat said...

You deserve it! You two have fun ya hear?

M@ said...

Sushi? I'm worried about the price of white rice.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Mhmmm...go away & enjoy! Forget about gas & gold & food costs & just savor the good company, the quiet peice & a wee bit of sushi!

Say It said...

have a great little weekend!!!

Claudia said...

Hope you had a great weekend. I hope the price does level or come down (dammit.....)

James Burnett said...

Well, the weekend's over Monty, but I hope it was a good one for you and Judy.

BTW, thanks for simplifying this economic stuff. Seriously, I like to think I have reasonable comprehensive skills. But when it comes to the issues governing the markets, especially gas prices, I have been in the dark. But you've done a great job breaking it down.

The CEO said...

We have meandered home, y'all, and I am about to hit your blogs. I always miss all of you, and it's good to be back.

Claudia, a weekend with Judy is wonderful.

Ali and Allan, one day, it will be Lexington.

Wng, I know where to get the spicy tuna, we're just waiting for you.

Carrie, your room is also ready.

NOR, we used to camp across the country, and the backyard.

Wicked, soon dear, soon.

ODAT, we should get together soon too.

M@, drinks could be cheaper than sushi soon.

SLB, it's always good seeing you.

Sayit, it has been way too long, we should do something about that.

Claudia, you and me both.

James, I'll be over in a moment.

Echomouse said...

I have a room!??? Awesome!!

Glad you're back and rested :)

The CEO said...

Carrie, certainly you have a room. I need to write a post soon, too.