Thursday, February 22, 2007

When Did It Happen?

When did sex become porn?
When did women become dudes?
When did thinking go out of style?
When did vanilla stop being an ice cream flavor? And what are the kinky people? Pistachio? Rocky Road? Butter Pecan? What can I get with hazelnuts?
When did the presence or absence of tattoos separate the generations?
When did it go out of fashion having an ice cold vodka martini (onions please) with your morning coffee? Coffee is no longer enough to prepare me for a commute in the morning. Nor the afternoon. Throw in the evening. Cocktails and cornflakes work perfectly fine, and you don't need sugar or milk. You bet I have supporting research.
Are there any questions? Are there any answers? Damn, no misspellings first time.


WanderingGirl said...

Did you let Matt write the cocktail part?

I think the answer is 2000. It changed a lot of stuff, and we were all afraid it was going to happen.

Pickled Olives said...

I prefer my morning cocktail without cornflakes, but I am not exactly fashionable.

Wicked H said...


Hey, hey, hey. Fashion smashion. Martinis will always be a staple.

Thank God I am not a slave to this thing you refer to as fashion.


Matt said...

I love both sex AND porn but I'm i complete aggreeance w/ you regarding the morning cocktail.

In Europe, people get trashed all of the time before work, at lunch and during the evening. At least that's how I justify my actions.

I got Rome on DVD and one of the characters said he was going to stop off for "a bit of wine to set me up for the day."

That's normal.

Glamourpuss said...

It's the long slow march of progress...


Claudia said...

I prefer the term dudette for a woman... :)

You need to go to Italy...hazelnut ice cream is the best! or go for the gianduia or of both worlds...chocolate and hazelnut. then relax with a white martini

Odat said...

I still think!!!
But I don't drink.
I have a tatoo..
and love vanilla too!

woohoo...I made a poem!!!


Crankster said...

I don't know about the corn flakes. I think that's why God made peanuts.

And, of course, the cocktail olives take care of your vegetable group.

Regarding one of your other questions, I always assumed that Rocky Road, I'll hold off on that comment.

The CEO said...

I love you guys.