Thursday, February 01, 2007

So You Switched To New Blogger

And now everything has gone crazy. Some people have been writing and saying things like, Bloglines doesn't show you posting anything anymore so I thought you had stopped writing for a while. This one is easy to fix. Same thing when you make a new blog like Claudia just did when she built Kaleidoscope, but you can't subscribe to it yet because she hasn't had the time to turn the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on yet.

Well, never fear, I'm hear to tell you how to do it. Ready. Log into your account and go into Dashboard. Now, go into Settings. Not hard so far. Now click on Site Feed, and you will see the following choice in a drop down window (push the arrow):

The default is set to None, so you do not have any RSS feeds set.
If you choose Short, a small part of your post will be sent to the feed.
If you choose Full, the entire post will be sent to the feed.

If you choose Short, which I did, so I could make it more difficult for thieving bastards like Bitacle.Org to steal my precious posts and reuse them. I recommend that you do the same.

If you choose Full, you make it easier for outfits like Bitacle.Org to steal your precious posts and reuse them. I do NOT recommend this.

And now, the most important part. click on Save the Settings. PLEASE. Then Save your way out, always a good idea. Thank you for your kind attention.


Claudia said...

Ok...and what exactly does this do? I have no clue! Both of mine were set to full as a default...I dunno.

Pickled Olives said...

crap, I think I have mine set to full. Now i'm paranoid. Who is this bitacle?

Wicked H said...

Oh no, please, thank you!

The CEO said...

Claudia, full is fine, but I couldn't get the feed, so you at least needed to save it. Let me check.

Claudia said...

I did change them both to short. Let me know if it works...

The CEO said...

Claudia, I subscribed just fine.

Olives, here's a post I wrote September 25th:
which will reference two more articles that Alison wrote. I hope that this helps.

Wicked, just saying, it's what I do, you're welcome, was it good for you too?

mist1 said...

I don't understand any of this. I need a blog manager.

The CEO said...

This one is easy Mist, you don't have the problem.

Lee said...

I can't figure out:

a) RSS feeds are
b) why I would need them

and most importantly

c) why anyone (Bitacle) would want to steal my gibberish postings.

I am very confused now.

But at least my comment sections are working again! Thanks for cluing me in to the problem!

Odat said...

This does not apply to me so i'm skipping it...hehe

cinders said...

Oh! So that's why your posts aren't coming through all the way in bloglines and you're making me actually come here. ;)

cinders said...

p.s.-- listen to you, mr. blog expert, who didn't know how to make links when he first started this blog sixish months agao.

Crankster said...

Thanks for the advice. I had mine set on full.