Friday, April 13, 2007

Some Rare Stuff

Most will never see a cardinal in the wild. I have shown you that already. I am going to show you the female. She generally stays in the nest with the little ones. When she's out, she never stays long in any one place. The exception being Holmes. she used to stand in the door hidden by the screen door and they would 'gab' for a while.

I once thought they had a discussion that went something like this:

Holmes: What's shakin'?
Cardinal: Nothing much, how are they treating you these day?
Holmes: I can't get them to give me any Captain Morgan and Diet Coke with Lime.
Cardinal: What's the problem, aren't they listening?
Holmes: Nah, they think it's a big deal to give me chicken. The big guy would croak before he'd give me alcohol. He needs to loosen up some.
Cardinal: On that happy note, I have to get back to the nest before the old man gets there and makes a mess of the place. See you later.

I got this picture this afternoon which prompted this post. It's the best I have ever gotten of her.

This was probably the best I had before today. She was flying to the feeder. Pretty impressive, she's still in flight.

She was at the feeder for a second, here's a closeup of her getting something to eat. She was gone in a flash.

On a different day, I caught her studying me through the screen door.

And you haven't seen a blue jay, or an oriole, or a woodpecker, yet. They all watch me write the blog. A tertiary reason why I am never on time. I am usually the big problem, and most of the small ones too. See, I *am* a statesman!


Wicked H said...

Dear Holmes:
Come to visit and you can have all the tanqueray that unfortunately spills once I've had one too many T&Ts. I promise it's not enough to hurt you, just take the edge off...

Madame Cardinal is a beauty!

Glamourpuss said...

Some things are more important than blogging. I think birdwatching is one of them - Holmes knows.


Echomouse said...

Great captures!
I saw two cardinals, a male and female, flying around last week. It never occurred to me that I don't normally see them together until you pointed it out.

A baby woodpecker arrived last year and this year he's been back already. He's looking really good. I took a pic but haven't uploaded it yet. Will soon.

The CEO said...

Great news, the cardinals brought their yearlings around today. We have a male and female yearling. And now we are four. Do I go out and get cigars and candy anymore?

Claudia said...

i'm a bit confused...why won't most ever see a cardinal in the wild?

Great pics...the one thing I do know about cardinals is how shy they are!! It looks like you've made friends...well, you and Holmes. I bet Holmes dished a bit and now the cardinals are coming to catch the show!!

Odat said...

Very very nice....

Thanks for sharing that...
and tell Holmes he doesn't need the booze!!!!


Pickled Olives said...

Very cool. I need to know more about birds. There are tons of varieties hanging out in my yard and I only know one is all red and one is all blue and then there are tons of various sizes and color combo's. Shame. I need more hours in the day to do all I want, including birds.

Matt said...

Puss, stay away from those birds!

CEO, I wonder if that cardinal gets annoyed w/ the "paparazzi?" I wonder if he thinks he's famous?

Allan said...

I love all those shots. Even when cardinals are plentiful in an area, they remain quite shy and can be hard to photograph without a telephoto lens.

Good job.

Crankster said...

I love your positive spin on this. I'd just assume that the cardinal is taunting Holmes.

BTW, I hope the storms aren't messing with your birds!