Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye

The erudite, tasteful, extremely literate, incredibly attractive, superbly endowed and intelligent beyond expectation Glamourpuss (A Pole Affair, Clairvoyance) was imitated by Marks and Spencer, the reknown English retailers when they came out with their new P.J. line. Puss, a cross between Diana Rigg and Elizabeth Hurley (eat your heart out Kim Kardashian) took it all with her finely tuned sense of good humor, and her good friend, buddy, pal Poleminx generated the much desired, most sought after "The Blog Most Likely To Inspire A Pair Of Pyjamas Award"! I was astonished, shocked, thrilled, and oh so pleased!

So I am nominating the really classy blogs out there that make me think they are the same high caliber as Glamourpuss, who has probably finished another smashing demonstration of Poledancing in Darby by now. Remember, these jammies are from Marks and Spencer, not just any old Kmart. We're talking grey or blue pin strip quality here! In silk (I would special order I suppose).

I don't have time to read many blogs while I am working, much less publish regularly. Odat, puts out high quality, wonderful material seven days a week. Odat is a staple of mental health. Remember this when the Bloggie Nominations come around, please.

Hearts blog Guilty With An Explanation, sets a very high standard of excellence, and it seems to transcend blogging and extend to living in general. One question people like to ask is something along the lines of if you could have dinner with any 5 people living or dead, who would they be? I'd really need a bacclaurean feast for a couple of weeks with a few hundred, like my Grandmother. But I guarantee you that Hearts would be there, along with Jefferson, Freud, Crankster, Einstein, CMHL, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Lincoln, Pool, Aristotle, Plato, and a few others. Assume a Universal Translator. That being the case, silk PJs are just a beginning.

Open Grove Claudia writes On A Limb With Claudia and her blog is something to look forward to reading. I can't do justice to describing her blog, you have to read it, and then you'll love it. Definitely a set of silk PJs.

Wicked H has long been one of my best kept secrets. No more. We are secretly adopted to each other. Wicked and Wandering Girl both write similar blogs, and I love them both. Sis, you get a set of the silky PJs too. You will wear them well. I am giving the same award to Wandering Girl for the same reason.

I am revisiting the Rocking Girl Blogger Award because Crankster was awarded it by me, but was on Sabbatical when I gave it to him. I am very biased about The Crankster since I believe that he could become one of the great writers of our time. Not that I want to put any pressure on him, understandably. Now that he is back to blogging, I am reissuing the award, and since I am reissuing it, I am giving it out to a few more people.

If you read Nosjunkie and her brother Will, you quickly realize that they both deserve this award. I enjoy their blogs immensely, even when I am reading from a reader on a break. They rock.

My sis Wicked H is definitely a recipient. I'm a true believer.

I adore MJ. she has suffered more than I have with the hospital, and other nasty stuff, and yet she handles it all better than I do. I want to grow up to be like MJ, but I'll never be able to group the hair.

If you have ever seen a picture of Open Grove Claudia, you'd know why she deserves this award, no questions asked.

And then there's Wng. Every mental image I have of her constitutes what this award is about.

And finally, I believe that M@ is a leading contender for this award.

In parting, I hope you all will remember that you are seeing less of me because of a major theme of this blog, namely quality. I am building the basis of what I am doing and where I am heading now, and if I am going to be any good, have any quality, add any value it will only come from hard work and some level of mastery. Please bear with me! Thanks for your forbearance. And have a fabulous week. I'll read and write when I can.


Odat said...

Thanks so much!!!! How exciting..
your other picks are great and deserving ones....
But I think you should delete the part of a "staple of mental health"....ahahahahaha!!!!


Wicked H said...

Silk PJs and Martinis. I am sensing a trend here. Thanks Bro!!! It's an honor to be nominated.

I'd like to thank the Acadamy, my third grade teacher for scarring me for life, my first pet caterpillar- Fuzzy, my Brother CEO and of course all of you in the Blogosphere.

M@ said...

I've been WAITING for someone to give me this award!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful awardees!! Well done.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Thank you so much, Monty. The pj's are beautiful, and just my size.

I will think of you when I wear them, unless that sounds too cheesy, and I can't wait to check out your awardees I don't already know.

Crankster said...

Thank you for giving me the award (twice!). I've had a lot of fun passing it on.

cmhl said...

I am going to choose to find it significant that I am wedged between Einstein and Jesus.

right? right!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Two awards??? That makes me almost an oldest child or maybe a baby of the blogging family! WOW!!!

Thank you so very much. You cannot imagine how much this means to me and how much it helps me continue to move forward in my dreams. Thank you.

The CEO said...

Odat, you are a staple of *my* mental health!

Wicked, I have had you on my mind a lot since you went to the spa.

M@, you deserve it! You are soooooo sensitive, and no one knows it better than me.

Pool, you and Lee get taken early, but these are great folks!

Hearts, you couldn't be cheesy if you tried. I actually tried to think of what color scheme would best fit you and San Francisco, and realized that job belongs to a descriptive writer, not someone like me. Have a great day, regards to Flip.

Crankster, that's what it's all about, having fun, eating well, etc.

CMHL, you are seated, not wedged between two of my favorites because you would both ask and report back more completely than me on both. I had considered putting several Chief Justices across from you, but I figured that wasn't necessary, you already had them figured out. Perhaps Lao Tse across the table? Can you imagine the discussion between Moses, Jesus and Mohammed? Perhaps the real question ought to be, who's next? and where is he or she?

WanderingGirl said...

Awwwwwwww, shucks! And I don't even wear pajamas!!!!

Thanks, CEO!

Echomouse said...

I'm way behind on all my favs. First, congrats on returning to your chosen profession. I know you're busier now, but I bet you're happy to back in the trenches too :)

So many times you have recommended blogs and I am slowly, so slowly, getting around to read them. Now that normality has somewhat returned to my life, I hope to get increasingly better at staying informed and conneccting regularly.

Don't work too hard if you can help it! :) And don't forget your Tai Chi. {Hug}

The CEO said...

OGC, just wait until we move on to the exotic fruit and veggie drinks, like home-made V8!

WG, think of an outfit for lounging around and eating sushi.

{{{Carrie}}} it's so good to have you back. I can't forget the tai chi.

MJ said...

Aww shucks *Ü* Thanks CEO !! I adore you too!!

Monty said...

MJ, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to tell you!

Nosjunkie said...

whoo hooo thanks CEO I love awards
you are the man

Glamourpuss said...

You say the nicest things about me. Thank you. And glad you enjoyed the award - it still makes me chuckle.


The CEO said...

Lee, enjoy the award, and tell Will too, and please send me a working e mail, please, please, please.

Puss, I love the award. It gets us talking about something besides ourselves, and that has to be good. Besides, I love talking about you. You're a fav.

WNG said...

Awwwww thanks babe! And don't worry - we'll wait, you're worth it. Have a good one :)

The CEO said...

Thank you Wng, you're worth it too!

Nosjunkie said...

yes I know I am really bad at updating my details

Szarek(Will) said...

Thax CEO

besure that there will be one back at you...