Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Peace On Earth, Good Will To All

I spent a lot of time thinking that I was going to decorate the globe above with Holmes' picture and the name The Morning Meeting, and submit it to the blog that promotes this every year. I was too busy to get a copy to all of you who have blogs, or to put your blog names onto a copy. My apologies. So here is a plain copy, just copy it right off the page, or click on it and copy it to your machine and then upload it to your page. The idea is more important than the precise form.

Open Grove Claudia is one of those people that oozes talent. She writes really well, and she is a first rate thinker, much smarter than I am, and ever was. She has written a post on Winning the Peace that you should read, complete with video. It's Part 1 of a series.

Life just keeps getting better! I trust that those of you who had elections yesterday, voted in them. Check you later, and have a fantastic day!


Alison said...

I voted!

Have a good Wednesday, my friend.

Nosjunkie said...

WTF have I missed something bigg cos this one whent right over my head please explain so the dumb people can get it.
I dont know what I am supposed to do

MJ said...

You will be proud to know that I voted also !!!

Szarek(Will) said...

Ummm what happend...Voted for what?
Please explain?

Crankster said...

CEO, thanks as always. I still remember when you sent us Dona Nobis Pacem cards last year. It meant a lot, coming from someone I still didn't know all that well.

It's been a good year of friendship!

Odat said...

Happy Peace Day to you!!!
and yes, Claudia rocks.


Wicked H said...

Vote early, vote often!!


Glamourpuss said...

The key sentence for me in this post?

"Life just keeps getting better!"

I'm so glad to hear that. So glad.


The CEO said...

Alison, good seeing you! I knew you'd vote.

Lee, Odat has the reference to the woman who started the movement of publishing that picture of the globe and celebrating Peace. I don't have a working e mail address for you, please write me and I'll go into more detail.

MJ, you're the best. Get a second opinion. Come East!

Will, in the United States, the first Tuesday in November is set aside as Election Day. In my city, we voted on three city council seats. In San Francisco, they voted on the Mayor, in cities in Connecticut, they voted on spending issues. Every four years, starting in 2000, we have Presidential Elections, Congressional Elections, and a third of the Senate along with the local elections. I hope that's not too much.

Crankster, it's been a great year for us, and getting better!

Odat, you're terrific too. Ask me.

Hi Sis, yeah, we're part of the Chicago machine! You fit in fine.

Puss, I am late to your blog, apologies, that's the price of things getting better. You know where my heart is though. Always.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Heya! I didn't know you gave me props here! Thanks!

I don't know that I'm smarter or dumber than anyone else. I've been very lucky to grow up in a city with great public schools in a state that supports it's universities.

The post was a big risk for me, so I appreciate your positive feedback.