Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Memorable Weekend

Except for not being able to access Google, we have had the best weekend you could imagine. For example, the United states government, in its infinite wisdom, has put economic sanctions in place against the Sudan in an attempt to stop the gun running and the violence against the people in Darfur. Not a perfect solution, but at least someone is watching. Wouldn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over to think that a life was saved by an American Foreign Policy? Couldn't you just chant USA USA USA?

Then, there was the First Annual Jacob N. Perkins Annual Memorial Golf Tournament at the Bretton Woods Golf Course. The Tournament will be put on every year by the Poolsville High Boosters with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund in Jake's name. This year, the Fund gave two scholarships of $1000 each to students going to college. The family and friends have been donating, and the money will be invested. Each year, the scholarship will be larger.

And the piece d'resistance was Sunday, when I got to play with a whole bunch of kids. I got to do a little cooking on a grill with a young man who turns out to be a spectacular chef, he really didn't need me at all, and spent the day laughing so much I wore myself out. I left feeling rejuvenated, yet exhausted. I really owe my friend for a fabulous day. Everything was possible now. Even a vaccine for common sense, which isn't so common, just ask Dave Barry.

So the lesson I have learned from the weekend is this, I need to look to see how to make the World a better place, and do my little thing to make it a better place. And then hope that I set a good example. By the way, if you live anywhere close to Utah, could you stop in and see how MJ is doing? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Actually, sanctions cost lives, especially lives of the poorest.

Also, sanctions were already in place:


There was effectively little change.

Bush's announcement was just a PR stunt to get at a candidate who was saying that sanctions contribute to blowback.

My Reflecting Pool said...

can you believe anon up there ruining a perfectly good weekend?? I think that scholarship fund is fantastic.

The CEO said...

Pool, no one can ruin my weekend. It was too good.

We'll just keep talking about Darfur until we get the killing to stop.

And congratulations on naming your new car! Use it in good health!

Glamourpuss said...

Being all that we can and doing it with love is what life is all about. Glad you had an affirming time - it was well overdue.


Lee said...

The weekend was sublime, I totally agree. Dave Barry would've loved the party. He mighta even said something profoundly funny which I could quote to prove my immaturity.

mist1 said...

I don't know what I would do without Google.

The CEO said...

Puss, I am still celebrating your 29th birthday.

Lee, I laughed myself silly, it was the best time.

Mist, you must come visit, really, we can distract you in times of need.

And to everyone else, MJ is home from the hospital, and doing well!!! Please stop off and say hello to her!

Odat said...

Laughing yourself silly is a very good thing!!! I try to do that at least once a day!

spoon said...

a carefree day of laughter and good friends, I am confident you're well on the road to recovery! Just what the doctor ordered!

The CEO said...

Odat, I should get a prescription from you, it seems to work.

Spoon, there was a bottle of South African wine, and it didn't last long. I am going to get a bottle and try some more of it!

spoon said...

Well, there you have it then...it's the South African wine that'll get you well!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The scholarship is a wonderful idea, as really, the only way to change the world is one person at a time.

Education is the best place to start.

I'm glad that your weekend was perfect. May they all be.