Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stop The Abuse Day

I am late in getting this out. Echomouse has written an excellent post about her favorite form of abuse that she would like eliminated when she writes about the stalker who has made her life a living hell since something like 2001 or earlier. My mind boggles. She is the source of the badge, which I urge you to copy and put on your own site. She is a lot more than just another pretty face.

James Burnett has already written two pieces about race relations, one being about Bill O'Reilly and Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem; and the other about the Jena 6 in Louisiana, and the issues involved in both instances. He also brings a lot to the table, demonstrating that he is more than just another pretty face too.

The issue is that abuse comes in so many forms that you can roll your own. We should dedicate a year to talking about the ways we abuse each other and don't realize it. If I say that we discriminate against the elderly, you think I mean people who are say 80 or older. I had a woman who was age 32 tell me that her social life was finished because she was now too old. I was stunned. She proceeded to tell me that where she comes from (San Diego, California) men want younger women, and that they were in abundant supply. If she wanted to meet and marry a man, she would have to leave California.

Frankly, I really don't know if it's true or not, but I was astonished to hear it at all. On the East Coast, what I hear is that all the good ones are taken from the 40 year olds. But what scares me is the employment situation. I am being told that unless you are a high level executive, you can change jobs at age 50, after that, you're where you're going to stay until you retire.

I have friends working 60 hours a week like it was normal. They fear, at age 50, being replaced by two 25 year olds at less than a third of what they are making, and then some other poor fool gets promoted into their position for half what they were making. These folks will almost never find work again. After a couple of years, they stop looking, and they end up in a retail store, or they start their own business, or three of them try to start a business. They are not counted as unemployed. Their benefits ran out long ago. This is typical of the Fortune 1000 companys. That's why so many jobs come from small companys.

To end on a really high note, there's a brand new blog you should try. There's this guy named Bruce. He used to teach at Virginia Tech, then he left to go to NYC where he got a job doing strange commodity type things. His blog is called If You Knew Yoonew Like I Know Yoonew.... Bruce is another one who has some substance to him, or is more than just another pretty face. And, if you want to learn how to get tickets to the Superbowl for your team, should it go, that could cost thousands for a few hundred or so, check him out. Bruce is an evangelist for his company. And you got it here first!


notfearingchange said...

Age is relative.
If you forever feel that you are young you are....

FYI i still think i'm 12.

Odat said...

Great post...and thanks for the heads up on Bruce!!!

Glamourpuss said...

Bruce lives again. Good news.


The CEO said...

NFC, just looking out for when you get older.

Odat, always my pleasure! Go see Bruce!

Puss, Bruce, like Destry, rides again!

notfearingchange said...

CEO thanks!

Echomouse said...

Happy Birthday! ? lol I came here figuring it was your big day and found this post. If it is your birthday, I hope you spend all weekend celebrating your most awesome existence :)

This post is wonderful. So many forms of abuse. The job market stuff is so true. I've seen it happen a lot. As for the dating thing....I have no idea. I've avoided dating for a long time now. lol

The CEO said...

Hi Echomouse, the 28th is my birthday, I may publish that around 11:30, but I thought I'd give the Abuse issue some exposure. I took your request seriously, as usual.

Lil Wicked said...

Happy birth day
google is making u a present

The CEO said...

Thank you so much lil wicked. And please thank your beautiful and talented dog google for me too. And please make the trip to see me with my adopted sister, your aunt Wicked H when she comes to see me soon, too! I look forward to your next blog post. Most 10 year olds wouldn't publish as much as you do. I wish you'd play with google more! Google needs the exercise!