Friday, March 07, 2008

I Am Truely Grateful

I find myself commuting to work and getting there, thankful that I didn't kill anyone on the way there. I didn't intentionally run anyone off the road. I never fired a single photon torpedo, never opened up the 50 caliber machine guns during the interstate combat with the high speed 25 mile an hour jockeying for position on the high speed highways. I say 25 miles per hour because that is high speed when things are moving well. Hand to hand combat is more likely on a bad day.

I am almost equally as grateful in neighborhoods, such as Bethesda, aliens will suddenly cross the street in the middle of the block in front of the car while it is moving. Yesterday, an alien walked right in front of the car as I was backing into a parking space. Tonight, I was doing 35 miles per hour down Arlington Road when another alien walked right in front of my car, causing me to slam on my brakes barely missing them. She made an obscene gesture at me, ignoring the fact that I was driving a 3500 pound vehicle and expecting it to stop on a dime. Literally. I was grateful that I didn't kill her, as I don't have the time or money to defend, even though I'd probably win the legal battle, eventually.

I don't think I qualify for Open Grove Claudia's blog Everyday Kindness when what I'm thankful for is avoiding massive slaughter and killing on the road. Even avoiding single idiot removal doesn't qualify as an act of everyday kindness. The rest of the blogroll (you all know who you are) would be going "tsk tsk tsk" and I can only handle so much tsking. Ask M@, he once saw me lose it over excessive tsking, it was ugly I tell you. Maybe he'll blog about it one day, if he ever recovers from the fallout from the exploding Worcestershire sauce. He was pretty traumatized by it. I think he had to get a new kayak, but I digress.

When I get all down in the mouth and unhappy and depressed, I generally just go to the 'actual' Open Grove itself. The Open Grove is a complete source of holistic living. It is a fabulous source, and you will find it on my blogroll. I consider it as important a resource as Investors Business Daily, Jim Cramer, and Barry Ritholtz, three of my personal cornerstones. The Open Grove is the fourth. If you have never been, you should go take a look. It's a great step toward living better. It is temporarily on hold, as Claudia pauses to consider her options. Can't hurt to stop by and let her know what you think, and maybe what you would like to see, and support in the future. But please, do stop by and let her know what you think. Claudia is a LOT more than just another pretty face!


Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, traffic is crazy. Turns me into a seething maniac, too.


The CEO said...

Puss, the traffic is getting worse every month. Even if you double the size of the Interstates going into Washington, no one can pick up the buildings in the City and move them back so you can widen the roads. Mass transit is pretty close to maxed out, and they are raising prices. Parking is at a premium, and price increases have been announced for the next two years. Mass transit is now more expensive than driving into the City. Wonderful job of planning! We offer graduate degrees in Urban Planning too! I have written another post in comments. Damn, you're a good interviewer, Puss,

WanderingGirl said...

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, FarmVegas. Really, the driving is quite easy here!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I am sorry about the traffic situation. We get that a lot here in Denver. People just walk out into the street - and it's snowing, hailing, sleeting, icy - whatever. And sometimes - about 5 a year - people die. Very sad.

Thanks for all the kind words. You have no idea how much it means to me. Thanks.

Blessing on your weekend!

Odat said...

Oh I know of those aliens!!! A***holes that they are!

I just love reading Claudia too! She a great source of strength to me!


The CEO said...

Tiff, I need to visit. I need to be on a road with no other cars that isn't my driveway.

Claudia, I meant every word. There are days were you keep me sane. Other days, I need to try a little harder.

Odat, my hero, you are also a source of strength for me. I try to start my day with you. You're amazing.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Are you referring to illegal aliens or to aliens from outer space, who are probably illegal, too?

Driving doesn't bring out the best in anyone these days.

And I totally agree with you on Claudia. She's da bomb!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Geesh, do I ever so relate to the traffic scenario.Some days I average 4.7 minutes per mile & your'e right it only seems to get worse. I don't want a horn, I want a loud speaker...or better yet, to work from home. We work so that we can live, right? We don't live so that we can kill ourselves, or as you pointed out...someone else, working and/or getting to work, do we?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you dont live in South-africa?

The CEO said...

Susan, I define an alien, illegal or otherwise as any idiot that ignores the laws if physics (force = mass times acceleration or the famous f = ma) and weighing 200 pounds plus or minus 300 pounds, who steps off a curb moving at 30 miles per hour twenty feet away and expects the driver of the car to be able to stop the car when they weren't expecting to stop at all. I define an alien this was regardless of country or planet of origin.

We agree on Claudia too. She's a better man than me. I just believe in telling people because no one says anything nice to anyone anymore. You know how much I like you, Susan, because I tell you unambiguously. I think you're fantastic, Susan. Nice interview, by the way.

Skinny, I am always honored when you come by and comment. You have correctly touched on a fear, namely killing someone else accidentally. The need to defend oneself again prosecution for vehicular manslaughter would break most people financially and emotionally .

Lee, I'm in training for a future visit.

M@ said...

I know what you mean about the aliens. I had one hanging off my car the other day.

The CEO said...

That's just more women throwing themselves at you M@. Ever since you wrote about your dungeon, your possee has grown enormously.

PhoenixHearse said...

I almost killed a guy in a Sebring this morning. Well, not really, but he pissed me off at the gas station and I pulled away quickly enough to squeal the tires on my car (yay BMW).

The CEO said...

Heather, this is why I don't carry weapons in the car when I'm commuting, or driving on the Interstate or my neighborhood.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol, I have to share... In fits of road rage, I wave with a big old smile. Although all fingers are up, one is special for them;) I have, on occassion, also taken to rolling my window down and singing "Babe, Im Gonna Leave You' by Led Zeppelin at the top of my lungs. No one gets too offended at a woman screaming 'Babe' ten times over at a decibal of overload & it makes me feel much better ;)

The CEO said...

Skinny, more people need to read your blog. You are the epitome of creativity. Thank you.

cmhl said...

be careful with the commute, ceo!!! you need to hone your teleporting skills..

how is/are:

the job?
your better half?
cherry trees in DC? photos?
your post-surgery self?

if there was one thing you could tell your 18 year old self, what would it be? what do you wish you had known then?

I wish I could have learned a lot earlier to give myself a break.

Robin said...

I will begin commuting 40 mins to work in two weeks. Going back to a place I used to work...I love the commute except at 7:30 in the a.m. after working 12 hours. I hate the part where I repeatedly have to slap myself in the face and hang my head out the window.