Monday, March 24, 2008

Love On The Beach

I have shamelessly stolen this from Odat because she is a genius at illustrating important socio-political points. If any person in this video is more appealing to you than another, it almost certainly isn't because of their race, religious belief, country of national origin, and so on and so forth. That's the way it ought to be, the normative. If you look carefully, you can see most of my favorite people in this video.

Like Amytree, a transplanted Californian living in Devon, England who seems to handle more difficult situations with grace and aplomb than I could ever dream of dealing with. Just as important, she has a way with her animals that is tender, caring and touching. Amy is not only dancing, she made most of the costumes.

Glamourpuss is a redhead, because she told me she is a redhead.I have simply adored Puss for a long, long time. She is incredibly smart, unbelievably well read, she writes magnificently and does not stop thinking. All of this will endure after her career as a pole dancer. She was dancing on the beach I believe.

Crankster and his entire family, sister Ella, wife Misanthropster, and daughter Georgia were in the video too. Ella did their decorations with her special paint. I'd give Ella her own award if she had a blog. I adore Crankster, and have become very close to him over a period of time. He's the brother I never had. You can see him dancing with a group of us. I was in lavender swirls. He was holding his daughter Georgia, very easy to spot.

Franki has been a friend for a long time and I genuinely like her. I have seen more of her than any other blogger. She's a sushi buddy. She also is a good friend of the wife's, always a welcome guest for both of us, and she's hilarious on top of it. Similarly, is Say It, previously known as Pool, a source of enormous wisdom and friendship for me. I adore both of these women. They were bogeying in the video with the wife, Franki's kids, and Pool's family.

For those of you who don't know Tiffany King, in real life, she is a blond bombshell who is one of the funniest people I have ever met. If she weren't happily in a relationship, and I wasn't happily in a relationship, I'd be chasing Tiffany and asking to be trained in massage and adjustments as an excuse. She's the dancing blond in the video.

James Burnett and his wife Mrs. B. were also on the beach together, swaying to the music. You could have noticed that Mrs. B. is exceptionally rhythmic. Her radiance comes when James sings in his deep and melodious voice. Who knew he was a radio guy before he became almost a professional race car driver. He's even better as a journalist. I never write to him enough, he's a guy I genuinely like.

Heart in San Francisco writer a.k.a. Hearts or Susan, is an all-time favorite. She has the entire package, the gestalt. That means, I can't describe everything she can do superbly well because it would take forever. A creative writer of reknown, she organized and led the dance on the beach, to include the filming. She was assisted by Open Grove Claudia.

If you have no idea of the high pedestal that I have put Open Grove Claudia deservedly onto, then you haven't been reading my blog for a while. Not only did Claudia help Susan, she was rocking out in the video. Naturally.

I have this thing for WnG , I just enjoy her blog enormously. She is a great writer, and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Periodically, she writes the most profound posts that I get to read. She was dancing next to me on the video.

Wicked H and I have had a brother and sister act going for quite a while now. Every time we talk on the phone, hours melt into minutes, and it is obvious that there is a warm relationship just waiting to happen. We have yet to meet in real life. We blame it on our schedules, our families, and when necessary, I blame M@. Naturally. He's very handy that way, and that means he's also my friend in real life. You can see them both dancing in the video.

Skinny Little Blond is absolutely a Philosopher Queen. She's a lot easier to read than Sartre, and just as insightful. She often writes of the love of her family, and the richness she revels in because of it. Regardless of the topic, she writes with insight. You can see her dancing with her sisters on the roof in the video.

MJ has been a long term friend-buddy-pal who I care about for a long, long time. She hides out with her husband in Utah. Occasionally she disappears into the hospital to try to teach the local doctors some medicine. She is way too kind to them. She used to have Great Danes, but had to give them up unfortunately. She's also in the video.

Heather of the Phoenix Hearse also has a gorgeous Great Dane, and is quite devoted to her dog, as well as her Hearse. She has parlayed a background in automotive engineering (a Masters) into being a Nissan test driver. I enjoy her blog a lot. You can tell Heather as she's the one dancing with the big dog and having a blast.

Lee, a.k.a. Nosjunkie, along with Will and her fiance Stiffla, all of Misfit Mania comprise one of the best exports from South Africa you can read. Lee is hilarious. Will is sort of a philosopher Prince, and Stiffla keeps Lee very happy, so she dotes on him, and worries about both of them endlessly. They also were part of the wonderful dance routine, Lee made sure they were there on time.

I have save some of the best for last. I have had this not-so-secret thing for Echomouse for quite a while now. We shared a less than perfect 2007 together. I am hoping we are having a much better 2008sort of together. You see, we live a couple of thousand miles apart. That's blogging for you. Watch Echomouse, better known as Carrie, dancing in the sun in Love on the Beach.

Then there's CMHL, Allan and Ali, and Mist. The blog wouldn't exist without them.

And last, but hardly least, there's Odat,who is the best, and can get me laughing when no one else can. I don't have the vocabulary to describe how wonderful Odat really is, you need to get to know er to appreciate her. And you should.

I grabbed the video from her to 'discuss race' on the blog. I did just that. The video portray the World as I'd like it to be, a place for everyone, with love and music. A bit idealistic perhaps, but it beats the hell out what we have currently, the descriptive. Too much hate and rancor for my taste.

I'm giving everyone listed above the following three awards,Best Blogging Buddies, Friendship Is A Light In The Dark, and Sexy Blogger Award. They all deserve it, each and every one. Some of them deserve the award more than once and are receiving it for a second time. My heart is in the right place. What with the new job, and all the certifications, you too can help stamp out racism. I could never notify all of these people of their awards. I can't even get all of their URLs in place. They are all in the blogroll. But if you, the reader went to someone else's blog and told them of their award, and introduced yourself, thereby meeting someone new, you too could risk meeting someone wonderful like the Skinny Little Blond, and telling her that I had given her an award. Same thing for Say It. I'll bet you have never met someone with chartreuse swirls and an attitude! Isn't it about time?


Echomouse said...

That is such a bright and happy video. Perfect for a new spring day!

Thanks so much for the awards Monty. I'll pass them on too. And you've given me more reads to check out! Thank you :)
p.s. 2008 is going a bit better over here I think. Hope it is for you too!

Wicked H said...

I’d like to start off by thanking my Brother, CEO for his wisdom and obvious good taste. Imagine what kind of trouble we’d get into once we actually share space under the same roof? I’d also like to thank the Academy for approving my nomination, my third grade teacher Mrs. Slattery. Who knew all those hours spent standing in the corner with a dunce cap on would be beneficial? Oh! I hear the orchestra!!! Calm down dudes!

I’d like to thank both my sisters for giving me so much blog fodder and my parents, especially my Father the psychiatrist for all the years of free psycho-analysis.

I love you all!!!!

Allan said...

Aw, thanks Monty.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...25 years ago my grandmother told me I should do that at least once in my life, 20 years ago I had the shooter of the same name...but I have never heard that song & honestly, I have got quite the smirk going on right now! Hahahaha...thank you! Not only am I flattered & humbled, but richly entertained & maybe even inspired ;) Thanks again... P&L

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh & by the way, if I have read your post correctly, you actually know (in the real world) quite a bit of your blogging buddies. Having just met my first one face to face, I have to ask... did you meet before or after blogging? Just curious.

AmyTree said...

Monty, thank you so much!!! What a lovely post - you do indeed know a lot about a many of us! I am honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as those others, and I will treasure the awards. Thank you, my friend.

WanderingGirl said...

What a perfectly easter egg colored post! Thank you for the awards, you are too kind. And thanks for the call. Easter was lovely!

M@ said...


Say It said...

Very cool. Thanks for the awards! And the dancing on the beach didn't even chaffe!

Odat said...

What a beatiful interpretation!!!
A lot more thought went into yours than mine! hehe.....
That' was real sweet. And all of those you spoke of, I agree wholeheartedly with you... thanks for the awards, I'll wear them proudly....;-)

singleton said...

Clink! So many beautiful people on the beach at one time! May the circle be unbroken!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

So many beautiful people. Maybe life really is a beach.

Thank you for inviting me, and for the wonderful party favors, Monty.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow - sex on the beach. It sounds... sticky, grainy... ew. Am I the only one who grew up on the Pacific??

Thank you for the wonderful awards!! How kind of you! :) I so appreciate your support -

You're wonderful! :)

Glamourpuss said...

Aw, thanks Monty - you're such a sweetie. But two things - I'm a brunette these days, and sex on the beach isn't all it's cracked up to be - too much sand.

This is a great post - such warmth. What a star you are.

Puss xx

PhoenixHearse said...

My butt TOTALLY looks better than that. Well, not really, but no one here knows that, so I'll say it does.

WNG said...

I'll dance with you anytime, Monty, but wear steel toed shoes, because I'm not that good :)

Lee said...

Awww thanks Monty! Lost in my crazy whirly world as usual.

James Burnett said...

Monty, you rock. What a brilliant way to address race without muddling up the conversation with over-analysis (as I'm prone to do ;>)

Thanks for including Mrs. B and me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Will and I had a good giggle about the discription