Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

You may notice that you don't hear much about Darfur anymore. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there was not a sudden outbreak of peace in Darfur. We have a friend, I'll call her Rachael, who is a career diplomat with the State Department for certain West African countries. She was the first diplomat allowed into Darfur when they opened the borders. According to Rachael, everyone has simply given up on Darfur. No cease fire held, and no one cares anymore. This doesn't mean that the killing has stopped. It just means that there are so many different factions fighting over so many issues going back so many hundreds of years that some things are not quite clear anymore. Still, they are fought to the death over. Africa and the Middle East have remarkable similarities.

I should tell you that Rachael has a personal issue she likes to advance as a part of her work. She'd like to eradicate slavery. She writes and presents papers all over the place, and generally keeps various groups of people informed. I don't want to publish her picture, or tell you her last name. First, you all think that there's no slavery where you live. Wrong. There's slavery right here in the Nation's Capitol. There are women who have come here from places such as China and Russia who are paying off someone's debt working as prostitutes, and living meager existences. According to Rachael, these women will live and die in indentured servitude, often of various occupational diseases.

I am grateful for Rachael and people like her. She is doing a job that I don't have the temperament to do without going crazy. I did more than buy her and her husband a drink. I also hugged her, and thanked her for what she does. It was the least I could do.


Alison said...

Kudos, man. For both the subject of the blog entry and the gesture you made toward Rachael.

Odat said...

Peace to you and yours Monty. And thanks for bringing to light issues that need to be heard.
Hugs and Peace.

WNG said...

Please thank her from me the next time you talk to her, Monty. I did know that there was slavery still in America and the Darfur was still a bloody shambles, but I thank you for raising the points again. Sometimes there is so much pain in the world it can be overwhelming. I guess you just have to fight the fights you can as well as you can. Each one reach one.
You reach many.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Peace to you Monty. Please tell your friend that no one has given up on Darfur. Peace just takes time, money, and patient soldiers like Rachel.

Blessings to you both!

Echomouse said...

I'm in awe of Rachel. That you know her is awesome. I hope she doesn't get worn down by all of it and that she has a lot of good help. No person is an island.

Somebody has to get after Angelina and Brad again to put this issue front and centre once more.

Glamourpuss said...

What a remarkable woman.

Peace, my friend.


Say It said...

What a tough job Rachel does. Peace to you.

spoon said...

CEO!!! Hello there!

just popping in to say hi. not blogging these days, which is probably a blessing for the blogosphere. just taking a wander down memory lane and thought i'd say hi.

i see you're still showing the care and concern i so strongly associate with you.

see all is well otherwise, i'm engaged, in love and walking down the aisle in November. Really happy that I found such a gem in this world to share my life with.

anyway, gag gag...sure you're puking just a little in your mouth.

take care, love and hugs
spoon xx

The CEO said...

Alison, Rachael is one of the nicest, quietest people you have ever met. For some reason, I can get her laughing, and she seems to relax around me. Her husband loves going out with us, and is how we met her to begin with.

ODAT, thanks you, as always.

WnG, Rachael is someone who, by her existence, makes me realize how lucky you and I, and the people who read this blog, really are. We just need to pause for a moment and count our blessings, including each other.

Claudia, thank you so much, and to you as well. You inspire me a lot.

Carrie, I am just as proud of you and how you help others with their medical problems. If everyone did what they could to help others, like you have, it would be a much better World.

Puss, yes she is, and so are you. I only wish that you had more peace in your life too.

Say It, she's a lot tougher than me. I just try to make her laugh and give her a little relief when I see her. I also make myself available when she wants to talk.

Spoon, how good it is to see you. You must drop around more often! And congratulations on getting married!

NoRegrets said...

People like her and others are amazing. It would just get me depressed over time... I need some immediate gratification.

The CEO said...

NoR, well, I like you a lot!

M@ said...

You put a real damper on a Sunday morning trip to the local whorehouse, Monty....

The CEO said...

M@, a stud like you doesn't need a whorehouse. I know you.

GrizzBabe said...

I tip my hat to Rachel. I couldn't be in her line of work. I would be so overcome with despair that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed in the morning.

The CEO said...

Grizzbabe, she's an amazing person, and she was happy the whole time we were out. She's a very special person.