Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Don't Have The Words, I'm Simply Very Lucky

Last night, Judy and I drove to Frederick, Maryland to have dinner with some friends of ours who we have known for a long time. They had both held high ranking government jobs, and retired. Now, they had moved away from the city, and we were visiting them at their new condo in Frederick.

They have a beautiful, new kitchen, with terrazzo floors, and an island to cook on, a convection oven, plus a microwave with a convection oven in it. They wanted to go out to a local diner. So, we went.

We were shown to a booth, and we sat down and ordered dinner. Each of us ordered one of the specials. I got the roast tenderloin of beef, Judy got roast beef, they got a turkey dinner and a kabob. Everyone else's dinner seemed fine. Mine was overcooked.

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of someone who suddenly got something stuck in their throat while they were eating. It is much rarer to see someone get something stuck in their throat while they are eating, and have someone save their life while you are in the restaurant. But, if you REALLY want to be three standard deviation units out, be the one who can't breathe.

There are several reasons that I was very lucky. First, I was sitting on the outside of the booth. I will NEVER sit on the inside of a booth again, as long as I am alive. I was able to get to my feet, and point to my mouth and indicate that I couldn't breath. This attracted attention, not just from Judy at my table, but from the Licensed Practical Nurse at the next table, the Registered Nurse at the table two behind us, and the Emergency Tech two aisles over.

The LPN did something, she couldn't get her arms around my chest. I had evidently turned blue, and was turning a rich shade of purple. I could see, but was having trouble hearing. I was pretty sure I was about to pass out, and then die. I was trying for a brilliant idea, but my head was exploding. The EMT had pulled my arms over my head, and suddenly, whatever it was dropped out of the bottom. And then I was choking on air. You hear a lot when people are yelling at you, and you try to do what they are telling you. It is clear that they may know what to do, because you certainly don't. I wanted to poke whatever it was, a piece of meat, down. I had no way to tell them.

Open Grove Claudia had a post earlier this week and asked the question what do you want to do before you die? As soon as I pass my exams, I am going to learn some emergency first aid. I need to stop feeling quite as shaken up as I do, and education is generally the answer for me. From the bottom of my heart, it gives me a lot of pleasure to say, have a fabulous week! I will.


Open Grove Claudia said...

We were all lucky that day. I am delighted to hear that you are alive and with us for a while - at least. What an awful and scary experience.

I'm delighted you are still with us.

Lee said...

Holy Moly Monty! I'm glad you are okay. That must have been terrifying.

Alison said...

I'm so glad you are okay. I had to perform the Heimlich on Allan a while back. It was scary for both of us.


Odat said...

Oh awful for you. I'm so happy tho that you're ok!!! I mean that.....Hugsssss.

Glamourpuss said...

Bloody hell! Glad you are okay. Weirdly, I did an Emergency First Aid course the week before last and we learned all about choking but I'm not sure I would have been as quick-thinking as those around you.


WNG said...

Before I die I want to come to DC and have sushi with you and Judy, SO YOU CAN'T DIE FIRST! I am so glad that you're ok. Claudia is right, we were ALL lucky!

don't scare me like that again, mister, ok?

Janet said...

Glad to hear you're ok!

The CEO said...

O.G., it is really good to be here to read your comments. I don't care if it's Paris, California or Denver, I am looking forward to some homemade sourdough bread with real honey. Believe me, I have this horseshoe crammed......

Lee, I have never been so scared, ever. It's been too long, really. Can we say sushi, and/or cookout. I'll cook, really.

Alison, {{{hugs}}} and hug Allan for me too. Scary.

ODAT, Now I can tell you, I really, really, really want to meet you, really soon. {{{hugs}}}

Puss, I'm going for training soon enough. I don't need to get the message again.

WnG, dying, it's not in the plan. We're waiting for you. Spicy tuna and all. And, if you play your cards right, you can come back and attend one of the Innaugural Parties on January 20th, 2009.

Janet, thank you very much, and thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon!

Echomouse said...

This reminded me of Alison saving Allan when he was choking last year. I am greatly relieved that you are okay. This was a scary read. Thank God for medical pros who dine out in public!


Claudia said...

Holy crap!! That is scary, and I'm so glad you had all those people around you!!

Wicked H said...

Oy. Vey. Maria!!!!

It simply was not your time to go. Anything else and I wont be able to deal.........

So, hot enough for ya?

Hugs and Kisses to you and Judy

WanderingGirl said...

Yikes! That would scare the shit out of me. Seriously, I'd have to change my pants. I do know what you can do if it happens when you're alone though... Make one hand into a fist and wrap the other hand around it. Place the fisted hands just under your sternum. Bend over the back of a couch/counter top/chair and drop yourself as hard as you can onto your fist. It's the self-Heimlich. I know that so the cats won't have to eat me for dinner!

Say It said...

what a crap dinner you had. Over cooked AND a choking hazard.

I'm glad you were surrounded by professionals and are alive and well and with us. Judy must have about died right there with you. Holy cow Monty!!!

What a friggin scare.

AmyTree said...

Oh, wow! Right place, right time, right dining companions. I am so, so pleased to hear that you came out okay. Scared is okay - it often leads to epiphanies. Enjoy the training! xxx

cmhl said...

I don't think that all of those people were there by accident, I think it is Someone else trying to get your attention. I am so glad you are OK, CEO!!!!

I haven't thought about sitting on the outside of a booth, that is an excellent point.

The CEO said...

Carrie, it is so good to still be here. There was a moment when I thought it was ending, and then everything changed suddenly. No more assumptions. Hug Teddy and his brother for me.

Claudia, I have this lucky horseshoe....besides, we haven't gotten together yet.

Wicked, it's too hot, and we still haven't had a martini yet. Let's not wait too long. This summer.

Tiff, ummm, where's the sternum? Y'all come up and show me, please. There's dinner in it.

Say It, it's been too long since I have seen you and the kids, and Bill. I'm ornery that way.

Amytree, I'm waiting for a really good epiphany to happen. When it does, you'll be the first to know.

CMHL, probably no one has had the influence on me that you have. I have changed considerably because of you. Thank you.

WNG said...

Good! As soon as Pookie The Wonder Jetta is back in top shape we'll come visit:-)

Mama G and I already have a hotel room for the 20th & 21st! So does most of the G family. We'll be partying with the NAACP and the CBC, but I always have time for Monty and Judy!!!

oh and be on the lookout for those super powers - you never knwo when they might pop up :)

NoRegrets said...

Wow, what an experience. Did anyone ask 'can you speak?' 'can you breathe'? I'm glad you are ok.

I had so many things happen to me when I lived in Zimbabwe, and my boyfriend was an EMT and helped me so much, that I became one when I returned to the US. It's excellent training. You don't have to go that far - basic first aid is even great. CPR, etc.

NoRegrets said...

If I show you where your sternum is, will you buy me dinner?

Find the bottom edge of your ribs. Move your hand up until you hit the center of your chest/until the ribs run out. That's your sternum. So now you can do self heimlich, and if you measure two fingers up the sternum, that's where you put your hands to do CPR.

I want to go to sushi too... Sushiko?

Mel said...

G-d took very good care of you to surround you with such good care.

Bless them--immensely!
And thanks to the Big Guy!

I'm very glad you're so well taken care of.

The CEO said...

WnG, I hope your Mom likes sushi too, or, we can adapt!

NoR, you're always good for dinner, you just bought a house. And you are also always welcome for sushi and sashimi (fish on top of a rice block as opposed to being in a roll). Thank you for locating the sternum for me. We must talk soon.

Mel, you hit it on the head. I have been well taken care of, and I am really very grateful.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

What a horrible experience! I'm so glad you're all right, and that people who could help happened to be there.

It's enough to scare me off eating for awhile.

Be careful, okay?

NoRegrets said...

Wait, what exams?

PhoenixHearse said...

So glad you're okay!

I'm lucky enough at work that they offer all kinds of emergency training (including first aid and CPR) for free.