Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few Ideas For You

Open Grove Claudia really outdid herself this week when she wrote a nifty little post on hatred. Claudia is always good. This post goes from low key, but very smart to mind bending. If you have the time for the population demographics lecture at the end of the post, it is downright brilliant and insightful.

Mel who writes Melsdream is a blog that grows on you. Mel wrote about the press today, and how they sensationalized the flooding to the point of creating a situation that didn't exist. Of greater significance to me were two other posts, the first about hitting a deer on the way to work, and the second, about other people's opinions. I just see a lot of wisdom concisely written. I am always short on wisdom, personally.

If you haven't taken the opportunity to read WnG of Whole New G yet and met a total Barack Obama-supporter who hasn't figured out that she should be in politics running for office, and a rabid Boston Celtics fan, who loves spicy tuna sushi, well you haven't lived yet. Why? Because she is sooooooo much more than that.

It is through WnG that I met Woman With No Regrets who carries the nickname NoR. She just bought a house, after a divorce, which she is working to get over, even though she goes climbing in the mountains where she lives with her friends and ex-husband almost every weekend. She is an excellent writer, very open, and very involved, which makes her very compelling. If you really need more, she will resume posting pictures soon. Of what, you'll have to find out for yourself.

None of these are in any particular order, with the exception of these that I have saved for last. The Professionals. Or, they ought to be.

Skinny Little Blond writes the most magnificent fiction with fantastic imagery. If Sartre or Camus were alive, they would be assigning her short stories to their classes.

Glamourpuss is well-known for her exploits in pole dancing, trapeze, the pitfalls of dating, and the exposition on various forms of proper dress for the well dressed, not to mention the various appropriate vintages of the finest chocolate. She also has this little blog that she writes these small pieces in that are simply marvelous called Clairvoyance. It's well worth reading.

And then there's Heart in San Francisco. She belongs here, because she is such an excellent writer. Her skills pair up well with her fertile imagination, her smarts, and her insights. She is not to be missed.

Last is the only paid professional, James Burnette and his blog Burnettiquette. Once you get involved there, it becomes quite addictive. It's almost like a public service. Either that or James Burnette knows exactly how I think. Or worse, he may be a whole lot smarter than me. Actually, come to think of it, that's a whole lot better! It may be best for you to decide for yourself.

You have a whole weekend, and the NBA playoffs don't look like they have a lot more to go, so have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy some quality reading!


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, Monty, thank you so much! You are very kind and generous.

I popped over here to see what you're up to, so imagine my surprise...

Glamourpuss said...

How lovely of you to champion us all. Bless you for that.


WNG said...

Monty, you are a complete sweetheart! Thank you, thank you! So, does JB know you guys are twins???

Oh and I'll have to do a sushi post soon, just for you :)

NoRegrets said...

OK, I'm a bit stunned. I read the post and had to walk away to process. Thanks so much. Compared to the ones I know that you mentioned, I feel not worthy of such praise. But don't worry, I'll accept it!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Now that's spreading the love! Well done Monty! YES - this is how we do!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mel said...

To what do I owe this honour, kind sir?

Truly....humbled and surprised, given I'm a newbie on the block and write for me cuz I need those wise words whapped into my head with a two by four!
(bit hard headed, dontchaknow!)

I'm honoured, sir.
Though the pleasure, I must say, is truly mine.....for having crossed paths with such a genuine soul......

The CEO said...

Susan, you really should publish. You have collected an insider's view of San Francisco on your blogs already.

Puss, I keep waiting to hear that you are going to write a book. You know more about literature than anyone I know. And you are such a good writer. Besides that, I simply like you as a person.

WnG, well JB is my identical twin, except he's a bit taller than me, and he has a tad bit more hair. Other than that, our wives can tell us apart, finally.

Nor, when I write the post, I get to make all the decisions. You have to show up for sushi.

O.G., I have learned a lot from you by reading your posts. You do amazing things. Thank you.

Mel, the more of your posts that I read, the more I realize that you have that's really worth sharing. Thank you for that. Please continue!

Odat said...

I've only read two out of these that you mention, Claudia and Heart, both of whom I love. I'll try to drop by the others. Thanks for recommendations!

The CEO said...

ODAT, the ultimate source of feeling good and humor, you will always be welcome anywhere, but especially right here.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Actually my views of San Francisco are not those of an insider, more like a tourist who lives here.

When I stop feeling the unique freshness of a place and it can't surprise me any longer, it's time to move.

Still, I adore that you can always come up with the nicest compliments, Monty.

A Simple Statement said...

hope you don't mind,
saw you on mel's comments.
had to check you out ;~)

I am always connected to Mel's wisdom. I need it!!!!!

In doing so,I have had some great reads throughout the blog world we share.

enjoyed your blog... and through you have had some more good reads.

blog on ;~)

The CEO said...

Susan, thank you.

Simple Statement, Mel is one of those unusual people that we are all blessed to run into as she teaches by example. You leave her blog feeling good. You're always welcome here.