Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Here

As you may well imagine, things are a little crazed where I am lately. Most people are handling things OK, a little scared, needing some reassurance. A few are hysterical about the next Depression (we're having a deflation, the opposite of inflation, which is how we getaway with printing so much money). I'll be back as soon as I can. Have a great day!


Wicked H said...

Missing you but totally understand.

Drink heavily, you just wont works for me.

Echomouse said...

I can't imagine how you handle all of that for everyone. {Hug}

I'm scared but trying not to be. No worries, all ok here. Just, this is definitely a worrisome time in the world.

M@ said...

Myself, I've decided to start issuing credit cards.

Mel said...

Ya can't be bored!

<-- FAR from bored, lemme tell ya

I must say Jake is lookin' very -- crafty.
I'm hoping neither of you were particularly fond of that plant....

DO take care of you during this 'less than boring' time.


Moi said...

Hang in there Monty. Take Jake to the office, he'll help!

The CEO said...

Hi Wicked, what are you doing this afternoon? And tomorrow?

Hi Carrie, we'll get through this, and maybe this time, they won't attempt to undo everything back to before the New Deal. The financial markets require regulation. But, this becomes a post.

Hi M@, I'll take two (2) Animalmind credit cards, please. And, please transfer all of my outstanding balances onto your cards, please.

Hi Mel, I am not bored, ma'am, I am sorely missing time to blog. Blogging makes me happier, so I wish I had more time to blog. On the other hand, I am still waking up in the morning!!! It's always good seeing you.

Hi Moi, it's nice seeing you too. Jake would destroy my office, and as many other offices as he could get into on a dead run. His porno name is Dr. Destructo. You gotta see him to believe him.

Lee said...

The good thing about being dirt poor is that I haven't lost a thing in the stock market. Hang in there. That cat is hilarious!

The CEO said...

Hi Lee, it's good to see you. I am so glad you're not getting hurt in this decline. As for Dr. Destructo, dress in cammo if you come to visit him. He's very quick.

Say It said...

nom nom nom Kitty is hungry. I'm sure with this economic downturn, you can still feed your cat, right!?

J said...

glad to hear you're hanging in there. i've been meaning to pick your brain for a layman's explanation - one my puny brain can understand - for what's happening on the street. but i'll wait till things calm down (hopefully they will soon).

be strong. take care.

Mel said...

Oh, but Jake would make a perfect therapy cat......seems to work wonders for you?

Happy Thanksgiving, Monty. Eat turkey......make things that matter--matter.


The CEO said...

Hi Say It, Jake is just 'playing' with the tree. When he's hungry, he bellys up to the troth and pigs out. When he's not chewing on the tree, he's chewing on me. He's such a love.

Hi J, it's a lot to write, I'll think some. Most people seem to avoid it. Painful.

Hi Mel, you matter, and so does Jake. {{{{{Mel}}}}}

Odat said...

Hiya!!! Just wanted to stop in and wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving......and thanks for being a good friend.