Monday, November 03, 2008

To Mel; Free At Last, Grace

You didn't get this from me, but Saturday night, Judy caved in, and Grace was set free. Grace was not immediately sure why she was being freed, and was very suspicious. Jake went nuts. He was suddenly NOT the TOTAL center of attention, and that was TOTALLY unacceptable.

He has attacked her quite a few times, causing her to laugh, and one time to hiss at him, sending him scampering. I mean, he weighs 2 pounds 13 oz., she weighs 9 pounds. It's not even close. On the other hand, he likes playing with her tail, and she seems to like this. She just flops her tail around and he chases it all over the place, while he chases it and wears himself out and she gets that cheshire cat look on her face. When he's worn out, we ALL get a break.

Grace turns out to be a real lady. She lets Jake follow her around, drive her crazy, sleep next to her, and attack her all the time until the middle of the night, last night.Something happened in the middle of the night, and somehow, he doesn't attack her as much anymore. He isn't quite perfect yet, but Grace has never made a sound. What a cat!

Jake and Grace were both adamant that I include the last picture, and write a short piece. Judy was asleep on the recliner while chased Grace's tail. So, I had the chance.

Earlier today, Madelyn Dunham, Barack Obama's grandmother died after a long bout of cancer. John McCain offered his condolences and both men were exceptional to each other.

I offer a prayer to G-d for Mrs.Dunham that he accept her quickly into his loving arms for eternity, that her family remember only the goodness and love from her life, and that he grant me the wisdom to learn and respect what I have learned from these people today. Thank you all, and for anything you would care to add.


skinnylittlesister said...

She's so wise looking...
I'm glad she's doing better and I hope she continues to improve...

Odat said...

Yeah for Grace!!!! Free at last!!! :-)
She is elegant!!!

Mel said...

Free at last, free at last--thank G-d almighty, free at last!

Oh she is a wisened, proud one. And a tolerant one.
And a sneaky one. LOL

No doubt she'll have Jake in line any minute now.

*sending prayers and healing thoughts*
Made me sad to hear the news, yaknow?

The CEO said...

Hi Skinny, Grace is fantastic. Would you believe she was a week from being out down? I really lucked out with her.

Hi ODAT, Grace is really something else. I'll have to tell Grace stories as they happen. I love her enormously.

Hi Mel, Grace seems to know all about you. She's ready to travel to Iowa to visit. She's a fabulous cat, you'd love her.

I share your prayers, Mel.

Open Grove Claudia said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing the love and kindness in your household.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I was hoping that Barack Obama's grandmother would live to see him become president, but perhaps she has a front-row seat on the action from where she is.

Your cats are beautiful, of course. I love cats.

Echomouse said...

Both the kitties are so adorable. :) I'm glad Grace is free at last!

And Congratulations!

cmhl said...

Very sad about his grandmother-- it is hard to lose a grandmother at any age, but especially at a turning point in one's life. As I understand it, she was his primary caretaker when he was being raised in Hawaii?

So glad you have the kitties in your life, CEO.

M@ said...

I once had hair like that!

The CEO said...

Hi Claudia, I live in an interesting place with fascinating beings.

Hi Susan, after reading your blog, and then reading of his grandmother's death, I was struck by the unusual timing of his grandmother's death, and how unfortunate it was coming the day before the election, that caused me to write what little I did.

Hi CM, very true, she was his primary caretaker while his mother worked. It's always sad losing a grandmother, like you said, as usual, you honed right in on the real issue. And yes, we have kittens and the crazzies again!!!

Hi M@, I'll bet you were a real draw too!

NoRegrets said...

I may go down to the shelter today to see if there's a friend for Billy.

The CEO said...

Hi NoR, it's good when they have another cat to play with. It does take a while, but it's worth it.

NoRegrets said...

Well, I did go. But we'll see. It might not be the best time, right before the holidays when I'll be away. Met a sweet 4 year old who had just had kittens.

Glamourpuss said...

She's a pretty little kitty.


sexy said...