Friday, January 09, 2009


Since we last spoke, Judy tore her rotator cuff in her right shoulder. MRI reveals about a three inch tear. Afterwards, she trips over a box outside the house falling on the sling first on the concrete. I see her going down head first and am yelling thinking she has a concussion or fractured skull since she doesn't picked up her head or make a sound. I am about to call the ambulance when she asks me to help her up, and she screams in pain. It's not a concussion.

We go back to the surgeon the next day. She has made the tear worse, and now has a hematoma (time to call ace physical therapist Tiffany for insights) on her leg, and souped-up Vicoden (she hates pain killers, but takes these, strangely enough because of extreme pain. When 6 pound Jakenstein walks on her leg to sit in her lap, she involuntarily screams, so she is taking the pain killers...for the cat). Gimpy has surgery Feb. 19.

Finally, I have found out that urology means that a big dude sticks the chromed tailpipe from a '32 Studebaker up your ass and takes a look around, and uses 80 psi of air to move things around if they get in the way. Getting older is a pain in the ass. Stay at age 40, refuse to grow up. I miss you all. See you soon. No pictures for this one either. More soon!


Mel said...


Both of ya....into The Meditating, Cogitating, Thinking Planning Room RIGHT NOW!

We'll find our happy place and forget pain and ummmm....'interesting' experiences.

You poor things.

Himself is fairly healed from this rotor cuff surgery--but lemme tell ya, it's been a slow and longgggg heal.

Yikes.....tore it and then FELL on it.
Oh, the poor thing......

And you!
OMgoodness.....YOU poor thing, too.

<-- this way to The Meditating, Cogitating, Thinking Planning Room

katherine. said...

"tail" pipe....laughing laughing laughing

I am a complete kltuz...I feel soo sorry for Jill...February 19th is a long ways away...

Alison said...

Owie! Feel better, Judy!

Glamourpuss said...

Goodness! Poor Judy - please look after her and I wish her a speedy recovery.


Echomouse said...

Oh NO! Damn.

Please let Judy know she's in my thoughts. As are you. {{Hug}}

p.s. That air thing and the psi cracked me up.

Claudia said...

I'm glad we don't have pictures...especially of the tube and psi!! :)
Send Judy my thoughts that she heals quickly!!

M@ said...

True that.

Wicked H said...

Holy Crap!

I am without words....bravo Judy. We will celebrate this (me not having words not your injury) same time next year.


Mel said...

Oy is right......

I do hope you and she are doing better.

One can hope, right?

WanderingGirl said...

Poor Judy! A hematoma is a fancy name for a bad bruise, mostly where the blood has collected into a nice little pouch nder the skin. Nothing fancy to be done about it as the body will reabsorb.

As for the '32 Studebaker ass exam? Ouch. Good luck with that.

cmhl said...

oh noooooooooooo. Tell Judy I had rotator cuff sugery last January; that & retracted bicep (I think that is right??). it is a big 'ole bitch, to be honest, but now I have to really think about it to be sure which one I had done. it is much, much, much better. ohhhhhhhh big hug to Judy--

and you with the tailpipe up your.... hinderparts? was that business or..? ok, I won't go there.

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, right you are. Things are looking up, she's feeling better, and I have laid in her very favorite comfort foods and five videos (four of them girlie flicks like the Sex in the City movie, and one fantasy flick) and she has the remote. Just listening to ya, Mel.

Hi Katherine, one needs to maintain their humor in such a situation. Or a tattoo saying, "Exit Only, No Entry Permitted"

Hi Ali, thank you, message relayed.

Hi Puss, looking after her is my job, in my spare time, it's my hobby!

Hi Carrie, Thanks, I keep telling you not to grow up. This is why.

Hi Moi, thanks, even in my best photographic moments I am not good enough to get behind myself when I am bent over. You have to go to school for that.

Hi M@, true dat

Hi Wicked, we are still going to celebrate, no matter what. Not snow, not hail.....whatever,

Hi Mel, {{{{{ Mel }}}}} just because. Everything is well in hand, except me studying enough. It's back to the books when I'm through posting. Ya gotta love the law.

Hi WG, the tailpipe was because with humans, the warranty expires after 40, and my warranty has expired.

Hi cmhl, not looking for cancer, I'll end that right now. If it were an issue, I would have been crying to you before I went to the doc to begin with. Just checking on minor malfunctioning in the bladder. Remember, they took the ascending colon plus the turn. I say this because you understand this stuff. I am too bad for anything nasty to happen to. Judy is a different story. I really, really, really hope all is well with you.

NoRegrets said...

Thank you thank you thank you for no photos!

I hope you both heal well. So sorry for you!

The CEO said...

Hi NoR, I do have a sense of decency, although my tush is my best side, but you wouldn't know that, Judy does. Thanks for your good thoughts!

PhoenixHearse said...

WTF Monty? What's with all the bad luck?

Sounds to me like you and Judy have gotten all your bad luck for this year out of the way already. Smooth-sailing for the next 11.5 months, right?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh My Goodness! Geesh, when it rains it really pours. Poor Judy! Poor You! Neither one of you have had the most pleasant experiences...sending you warm, healing thoughts.
Hmmm....taking your advice, I am sending you warm, healing prayers written in bubble letters with sidewalk chalk in front of the White House (refusing to grow up;)
Much Peace, Much Love.

The CEO said...

Hi Heather, right again, we like to use up all of our bad luck at the beginning of the year when it's cold outside. As for me, I just seem to have a leak in my exhaust manifold., although, as I mentioned earlier, my warranty has been voided.

Hi Skinny, other people have things a lot worse. We're still eating, and we laugh, we have Jake, and friends like y'all. Thank you so much for your wishes. Peace & Love in huge abundance!

cmhl said...

wonder if they couldn't get her in before Feb 19th?? ask about PT prior to the surgery to keep the range of motion that she still has. and the "swinging in a circle like a pendulum" while leaning over. But, I am not a PT!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Great Perspective Monty...That's what I love about you!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Judy. How awful and horrifying for you to see all this happen.