Friday, June 12, 2009

The Fey Blog Tour

The big day has finally arrived! Claudia H. Christian and "The Fey has arrived in Gaithersburg, something I have eagerly awaited. What follows is the result of my reading Claudia's marvelous book, and my interview of the author. She arrived in a black Cadillac Escalade limo with escorts, wearing a Christian Dior gown and Harry Winston diamonds, her blond hair perfect. I was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. "I think I've lost my sense of humor, Claudia." And that's when she shot me.

Wait, I'm embellishing on the first chapter of the book. But please read on and find out what "The Fey" and Claudia are all about.

The Review

"The Fey" is a thriller featuring a heroine named Alex, who finds and vanquishes threats in the military establishment. En route, the reader gets to enjoy one of the most enjoyable suspense thrillers that winds its way through an enormous amount of information and twists and turns that are unexpected. The story starts with a surprise, and builds to the point where you cannot put the book down. It's worth buying the book to read how it ends.

There is considerable character development and plot development that takes place in "The Fey". These two processes intertwine to provide an intricacy that is wonderful to immerse yourself into. The sex is delicious and realistic. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

The Interview

"The Fey" is a fascinating book, considering it's the first in a series. Is it the first chronologically, or is this like the Star Wars Series were you might be thinking of writing earlier material to explain Alex's earlier life?

The Fey is the first in a chronological series. Learning to Stand begins in the following March, after the Fey. Who I Am takes place the year after. I’m confident the rest of the series will continue in this manner.

There is an entire book about Alex, Max, and John completed. I draw from that book for vignettes in the Fey or side stories, but never intend to publish it. It’s fairly directionless. I wrote this book as a way to learn about the characters.

Can you tell us about any of the following "Fey" books?

There are two sequels in various stages of ‘done.’ Learning to Stand begins where the Fey left off. How will Alex pick up the pieces of her life and start over? Of course, there’s daring adventure and funny antics. Everyone in Alex’s world grows, adjusts, as they begin to take on the new challenge of moving forward.

Along with rip roaring action adventure, Who I Am is a deeply personal look at Alex, her family and friends. As the new team comes together, each person must come to terms with himself or herself.

The forth book, yet unnamed, find the new cohesive Fey team ready to take on whatever is given to them.

Through out each book, the mystery of who killed the original Fey team deepens and unravels. Each book is designed to provide the reader with a thrilling, exciting ride was well as a touching, heart warming story about people who do their best, fail miserably, and get up to try again.

I found the story quite interesting because it was so intricate. Why the military setting for a spy/intelligence/mystery novel? (Or was it because of the huge Air Force presence in the Colorado area???)

These characters are in the military because they are in the military. To me, these characters are separate entities with their own lives, issues, and identities. I experience them as fully formed individuals. Thus, I didn’t choose for them to be in the military, they just happen to be in the military. I see my job as an author as simply to write about them, their lives and their issues. I hope to be clear enough to follow Alex, her friends and family where she wants to go or has gone.

How much did your background as a therapist contribute to the novel? The intricacy and the twists are wonderful. I thoroughly agree with an earlier reviewer who said that this is a thinking person's book.

I have always been fascinated with how people work. I grew up in around a lot of severe mental illness. Non-mentally ill people were fascinating, alluring, and slightly strange to me. I have a set of skills – listening, compassion, focus, and interest – that led me to becoming a therapist.

I believe my fascination with people, and how they work, has led to a better understanding of what motivates these characters. My experience as a therapist taught me that “everyone has a story.” We get a little bit of everyone’s story, and perspective, in The Fey.

It’s a great compliment that you find the Fey to be a ‘thinking person’s book.’ I believe people are tired of the cookie cutter books and movies that are available now. I’m delighted when people enjoy the intricacies of real story telling and life.

Is Alex patterned after you?

No, Alex is her own person. She and I share similarities but only because I am her scribe. She is much more than I am – stronger, funnier, more grounded and tremendously capable.

Can I be a host for the next "Fey" book tour?

Of course, thank you for being willing to host me this time!

The Contest

Claudia, originator of Simply Kind Tuesdays, has kindly offered a signed copy of "The Fey" to the winner of a contest of my choosing. After considering various math challenges, I decided that I would hold a blind drawing of people who e mailed their full name and address to the by midnight EDT June 19th 2009. The drawing will be held the next day, and the winner announced, and their name and address forwarded to Claudia for processing please allow for shipping and handling.

The Discount

There are so many reasons you will want to buy this book. It is perfect for the beach, reading on the patio, ideal at the holidays, a superb surprise to just say something nice to someone you like. One of the things I really like is that you can just sit at your computer and send a gift to someone across the country and have Claudia sign a card for you.

Of course, you can only get that kind of personal service from Claudia's Store. The price there is as inexpensive as it gets, even if you go to that other bookstore named after a South American river.

And to sweeten the deal, readers of this blog will receive a discount of 10%, only at Claudia's Store, and that offer will be good until her next book in the series comes out! Just plug in the following code (It means Monty sent me):


but please remember, it only works at Claudia's Store.

Should you want to find out more about Claudia or "The Fey" simply click on the picture of "The Fey" book tour below and you can see more about the book, the store, Claudia, other sites that either have or will host "The Fey" and a wealth of other information. Any questions or comments will be answered by Claudia in the comments section, or by me if directed to me. As always, have a great day!


Wicked H said...

Thanks for the tip. Ordered, paid for and waiting for the adventure to begin.


Spellbound said...

Oh my...I do truly love the comment,"I wrote this book as a way to learn about the characters." It is what makes me rise at dawn and sit in front of my computer with a cup of cold coffee in front of me, forgetting to eat. I fear that unlike Claudia I often make myself the heroine of my own stories. Of course in my stories I am "stronger, funnier, more grounded, and tremendously capable." Perhaps I should be writing fiction, perhaps I am. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up on what sounds like a fascinating read, especially since I have a great fondness for the Denver area.

Claudia said...

Thank you so much Monty for your generous use of your blog! :) I appreciate your support of my efforts.

Wicked H - thanks so much for your order.

Spellbound - I wish I could write about real people. I'd have such stories to tell! You have a gift - use what you have, let the rest follow.

NoRegrets said...

Someday I will read this entire post...

Mel said...

<-- read the entire post. LOL

And now--I'm gonna haffta give a quick look and probably order it.
The good news is it's summer and the patio is a great place to open up a book and just 'be'.
The bad news--that pile I was working on getting's growing! LOL

Monty said...

Hi Mel, patio time with the little one, a glass of sun tea, and a good book to read her. Things are looking up over there, aren't they!

katherine. said...

whew! I am glad I got caught up before the 19th!

The CEO said...

Hi Katherine, the exam was rescheduled to the 26th due to a death in the family. I'm studying now, and it's almost 4 am. See you in a week and a half!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Nice interview, you guys. I am also intrigued by the entire book written for the purpose of Claudia getting to know her characters.

To those who have not yet read The Fey, you won't be disappointed but you'll probably lose some sleep staying up too late.