Friday, June 05, 2009

Finally, Some Results

Jerry was transferred to Fairfax Hospital two days ago. They promptly took him off of his new cardiac medicaton so that during his operation the surgeons could duplicate the problem in his heart, and burn off the cells that were misfiring. Seems the meds were aimed at keeping the heart beating appropriately.

Skip to today and the circus that actually happened. Jerry was scheduled to go into surgery at 1:00 PM (1300 hours). He was prepped and as ready to go as possible. He was in the twilight from a pre-op shot. Nothing happened. We never found out if there was an emergency, or an operatin ran long, or the surgeons ran late at their golf game. Jerry was wheeled into surgery at 3:00 PM (1500 hours), still in the twilight zone, everyone else very much on edge, either answering or ignoring cell phones wanting to know if the surgery was over.

The surgeons estimated that it would take them anywhere from 1 to 6 hours to complete the operation. The problem was that Jerry had an extra heart beat when his heart malfunctions and it constituted a rarity. They were going to thread a camera and a laser from his groin to his heart and try to cause his hear to malfunction and spot the malfunctioning cells inside his heart and burn them off with the laser. Piece of cake.

In war, it is said that the battle plan goes into the toilet on the field and the troops fight the actual battle with their leaders. It appears the same thing happens to doctors. They do call it the 'practice' of medicine. Two and one half hours into the actual operation, the doctors couldn't re-create the heart malfunction with all the cameras and lasers inside the heart. They were impressed that the new medication, even after it was dis-continued two days earlier, was still effectively keeping Jerry's heart so well regulated. They decided to do no ablation, pulled out their hardware and sewed him up. We found out at 8:00 PM (2000 hours). I consider this a win for the existential fix.

Did you know that lawyers, CPAs, engineers, and newsletter writers need not reister with the state? One of the little facts I memorized in the hospital!

My thanks to Tiffany, who knows more about coronary ablation than you would imagine, and Mel, who knows how to tell you how to distract people who are a bit anxious because they think they are dying.

Please note on your calendar that "The Fey" by Claudia H. Christian will be here on it triumpant Blog Tour on June 12. It's an event you won't want to miss!


Anonymous said...

Kind of disappointing, though, isn't it? All the risks and irritations of having the surgery with none of the benefits.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

huh so wait... he's on for it again later?

I can't say too much about surgeons, hospitals and medicine in general... My Mom is a (retired) doctor and my Dad is in the hospital every month now. It's a love/hate relationship.

katherine. said...

I have a very difficult time in does seem as if Team Jerry will be back again. Hope he is recovering well...

Lawyers don't have to register? But they do have to be licensed...right? At least out here in the wild west. Maybe CPAs as well...

Engineers are a breed apart.

Blog writers don't have to be registered or licensed....although apparently they do tour....making a note for the 12th.

Mel said...

LOL Wow--and I was gonna say "My G-d is an awesome G-d!"

Still will!

(((((((( Gerry ))))))))))

*sending more prayers*

WanderingGirl said...

Medications can be incredibly good. Good enough to not need ablations, or pacemakers! Whoo hoo! See? All that crazy worry for nothing. Good thing he had you around to distract him.

The CEO said...

Hi Alice, we got Jerry home today. He is a little calmer now, and now he's hoping that the problem will go away.

Hi DCN, you have expressed my sentiments exactly, I am glad that hospitals are there for when I am really sick and really, really need them. Otherwise, pass the neosporin.

Hi Katherine, I am hoping that the next time Team Jerry gets together, it's in August for my brother-in-law's birthday. Did I ever tell you my first degree is as an engineer (industrial).

Hi Mel, you, me, and now Jerry talk to the same awesome G-d. Jerry is remembering how now, daily. Thanks for all of your insights!

Hi Tiff, once again, you are wonderful, and thank you so much! You nailed it perfectly.