Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Jerry Follow Up

Jerry is now home. He is now upset because they never could do the ablation. I have tried reasoning with Jerry that his new medication was working so well that the surgeons couldn't recreate his malfunction while inside his heart. Wasn't that dandy?

Jerry's worry is that his old medication failed suddenly, and he was lucky that he got to a hospital in time. He reasons that it's possible that he won't be as lucky the next time the new medication fails to be both near a hospital and able to get an ambulance so quickly. Both my brother-in-law and I have gently pointed out that he has based his reasoning on three assumptions, the medication failing, an ambulance not being available, and/or a hospital not being nearby. I pointed out that the odds of any one of them happening were worse than him getting hit by a car crossing the street. All three events happening, given that he had retired and didn't plan on traveling up the Amazon River, had a probability in the neighborhood of being hit by lightning.

I reminded Jerry he is going to teach me to make corned beef. In the meantime,I need to get serious about my exam on the 19th. And I need to clean the house. Because the "Fey Blog Tour" is coming Friday, the 12th! See you there. Have a great day.


Dark Cloud Nine said...

"Feeling" sick is a bad feeling. But to tell the truth (like you did) we are indeed always dependent on external events with specific probabilities to influence our lives: a car crash, a tornado, a tsunami... feeling sick makes us feel like all probabilities are playing against us... You reminded your friend it was not the case. I hope he heard you. It's difficult sometimes.

Spellbound said...

I'm glad your friend is home and I hope in time the emotional scars heal. It's hard to feel safe when your body betrays you. Just remind him he is a survivor.

Mel said...

Fear does strange things to human beings. It's okay that he's angry/worried--it's just where he is today.
He's doing what human beings do...and it is scary. Luck didn't put him in the circumstances he was in first time around. Seems to me the Big Guy takes really good care of him.

You did well to put it in terms he could, perhaps, 'see'. Hopefully it diminishes some of that fear--corned beef still needs to happen. ;-) And if we stay stuck in fear and worry, we miss out on so much of what we're fearful we're going to lose in the first place, yaknow?

*hugs and prayers to Jerry*
(and to you as well...happy previsit cleaning!!!)

The CEO said...

Hi DCN, you can only go so far with logic. Every day that goes by where Jerry feels better is a day closer to him accepting reality. And a day closer to my exam! I wish I could make time.

Hi Spellbound, that's an interesting idea. Next time I see him, I'm going to try calling him a survivor! I like it.

Hi Mel, I'm working on him to see that he has choices he can freely make. He can turn to G-d of his own free will, he can live out the rest of his life with as much happiness and joy as he wants. I hope this sounds familiar to you, it's right from your blog. Thank you very much. I am going to study, and read your blog a little later, ma'am.

Wicked H said...

Jerry just needs time to understand the power of the existential fix. He'll get it.

Glad he is doing well. He and you are in my thoughts.

Good luck with ht exam!

Monty said...

Hi Wicked, I think he's doing well too. And I miss you a lot. Drinks after the exam! Maybe some lunch too.

katherine. said...

hope your buddy Jerry is doing better...hope your studying is going well...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm glad Jerry is healing nicely, and hopefully in time, he'll stop worrying so much. Not that it's not the natural response to what he went through, but I think he'll begin to relax as he gains more confidence in his new regimen.