Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Quality of My Blogging Has Been Strained

Yesterday I had a wonderful exchange of e mail with my identical twin, James Burnette. We both admitted to being on the slow side of blogging lately. Mostly, we talked about coffee. Now, if you like coffee as much as I like coffee, this can be a really wonderful discussion. Just like if you like chocolate as much as I like chocolate. Then, of course, we need to discuss moderation, or diabetes, better to discuss moderation!

But that takes me off topic. It seems that the blahs have hit everywhere, or at least here, which is as far as I can see. I think it's an end of summer thing. An anthropromorphic throw back to when we were kids. It's that back to school blah thing.

I find it interesting that this election is the most important election in our lifetime, at least according to some of the people making speeches. I can't remember an election that wasn't the most important election since the beginning of time plus three days. In retrospect, some have really stoodout. Kennedy's sqeaking by Nixon in 1960 came at a time when the World was a very scary place to a teenager like me. The Soviet Union and Krushchev were formidable enemies indeed. Twenty years later, Ronald Reagan beating Jimmy Carter while the Iranians held our people hostage was a surprise, and when the hostages were released, to someone who wore a bracelet with a hostage's name on it, a reason for joyous celebration. I wasn't around for Jefferson beating Adams, or any of the Roosevelt victories, either President; etc. I have come to believe that it is rare for a President to be the sinle reason to change the course of history. They may have the ideea, like Eisenhower conceiving of the Interstate Highway System, so he could more easily move armies across the country, but the Congress ultimately decides. The current Congress has a 14% Approval Rating, lower than the President's by 20 points. Please note that both candidates are members of the same Senate. I'm pretty sure they know each other. I have a riddle. If Sarah Palin is a pitbull with lipstick, what does that make Ann Coulter? And should Michael Vick meet Ann Coulter? I think Vick deserves it. See what I mean about the quality of mercy is not strained.

As I write this, the Dow is off 277 points, oil is at 108 down a buck. OPEC claims it will cut production at $100 a barrel. Investors seem to be worried about a world-wide slow down, which seems to be strengthening the dollar. The English Pound used to buy $2.25, now only about $1.75, which means the dollar is getting stronger. If oil is going down, and the dollar is going up, why is the stock market dropping? Because oil proces falling is good, but not enough to fix the economy. That's today's explanation. Buying quality and holding it pays off. Hold a diversified basket, and watch the basket. The Dow is now off 331. When these guys get worried, they sell with their computers! Have a good day. And read Mel, you'll feel better, Open Grove Claudia too. Should you see Glamourpuss, please give her a hug.


M@ said...

I agree w/ your opinion on the "great man theory."

For example, Sen. Obama represents not a single "savior" but a movement of millions of people, which I guess is why the slogan isn't, "Yes, I can!"

Mel said...

Hmmmmmmm......end of summer blahs, eh?

Good reason to bring out the sidewalk chalk and have a go at it.
Or the bubble gun.
OR the kazzoo!

Yup.......and if you're REALLY feeling blah.....all three! :-)
WHILE you're having a GREAT cuppa coffee, noless!

Man after my heart...LOL

<--can't be bothered with politics when there's empty sidewalks calling her!

((((((( Monty ))))))))

The good news is 'this, too, shall pass'. I rely on that reality.

Thank you, btw. I dropped over to Open Grove Claudia's house and smiled at the bounty she had for the sharing.

Glamourpuss said...

Thanks for the hug.


Echomouse said...

Been struggling with blogging myself. Seems most of my blogroll has too.

At least we have coffee :)


PhoenixHearse said...

You'd think that with as many times as this happens to bloggers, they'd make a pill for it or something.