Monday, September 29, 2008

We Have An Important Announcement To Make

A cat and a kitten at the Last Chance Shelter through Petsmart picked Judy and I on my birthday as two people they wanted to cohabitate with, thus ending the long emptiness in our lives. Thar be cats in the house now, and all is well with the world.

This little cutie is my Glamourpuss, and I think she is simply gorgeous. She is 16 months old and just had a litter. She and I have a thing for each other so far.

He is four weeks old and weighs one pound one oz. He wants to go everywhere, do everything, and he is just gorgeous. I am completely unbiased, naturally.

The house feels more normal with cats in it.

And she (the female cat, although Judy does too) preens and mothers the little one as if he were her own. Look at those eyes, I just melt.

The two were scheduled to be put down on Friday if they weren't adopted. Over my dead body. Yeah Mel, there is a G-d, and while you're at it, thank Studley too.


Echomouse said...

Oh no. Teddy is going to be so upset :( lol

Those are gorgeous kitties! I agree, the eyes get me every time. I also love the big honkin' paws and ears on the brown/white one.

It's sooooo good to know you and Judy have cats again.

skinnylittlesister said...

Funny how these special being pick us right when we are prime for the picking, whether we know it or not.
Blessings are a two way
Amazing how wise that little kitten looks already.
The Girl kitty, which just had the litter, looks uncannily like a girlfriend of mines kitty, Evie. She too, was a rescue and lived well over twenty years.
Happy hearts make happy homes...p&l to you and your ever-growing family.

Allan said...

Congratulations. They are both adorable.

Mel said...

What a little puffball......And what huge eyes....

Okay, okay.....admittedly I'm NOT a cat lover--but I do thank the Big Guy that you and yours are.

I'll pat Studley and let him know "Job well done!" for ya.

Love 'em well, Monty.
Not sure why that needed to be said cuz you're already doing it!

Mel said...

P.S. The Big Guy makes really, really good arrangements, huh?


Alison said...

Look at those bébés! Awww!

Odat said...

Awwwww......I'm happy for ya!!! They are adorable!

WanderingGirl said...

Fantastic! I approve whole heartedly! I think they are both wonderful. Everyone knows rescued animals are the best, especially the ones that pick you from all the other 2-leggers that passed by. I do have big love for orange cats, by the way, and how suiting that you'd have another calico. But just 1, 'cause Judy will tell you what it's like to try 2.

NoRegrets said...

I'm so surprised a kitten was going to be put down! Those are usually the first to be adopted. They didn't just tell you a story? But of course, they are wonderful, and cats which have been moms are great.

I'm still trying to decide if I get another cat to keep Billy company...

M@ said...

Love the name!

AmyTree said...

Aren't they gorgeous!!!!! xxx

Open Grove Claudia said...

They are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your heart warming story and their beautiful faces. It's nice to see! :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Such narrow escapes always give me goose bumps. I'm so glad the little darlings found a good and loving home. You are all blessed.

And they are both beautiful!

The CEO said...

Hi Carrie, Teddy will always have a special place in my heart, forever and ever. That will never change. I am not a fair-weather friend.

Hi Skinny, we really needed them in our lives, and they seem to have really needed us. We all found each other at the right time.

Hi Allan, now I can try to follow in your prodigious and exceptional footsteps as a photographer. Your photos, and not just those of Mr. Jones, are amazing.

Hi Mel, we really are lucky. Please note when all this happened. Yeah, the Big Guy does it right.

Hi Alison, the little one is amazing. The big one and I have a thing going. I am giving her as much freedom as she can handle. The little one thinks my fingers are toys, and something to chew on. I'm thinking work gloves.

Hi ODAT, y'all come visit and we'll play with them. More fun than you can believe.

Hi Tiff, I keep thinking I want to add some Siamese cats to the mix. Come play and we'll have sushi.

Hi NoR, I was surprised too, but that's what the Last Chance does. They get them before they are put down and they get a limited amount of time at a Petsmart. They are here now.

Hi M@, I just borrowed the name, she hasn't divulged her name yet.

Hi Amy, I am having a mad love affair, again. So is Judy.

Hi Claudia, I wonder if cats like natural honey?

Hi Susan, with all of the bad crap going on, I am thrilled by this, really.

Mel said...

Yup--noted it, sir.

Happy Birthday to you!
What awesome prezzies to drop in your lap.
Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

cmhl said...

yay!!!! good for you & Judy, CEO.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh

I'm proud of you CEO, for daring to love again.

Moi said...

Oh, the sweetness!!! Congratulations!! And thank you for saving them!!

Wicked H said...

Poof, instant family. All of you are quite lucky.

Also a fitting Rosh Hashana gift, yes?

Happy New Year!

Glamourpuss said...

Aw, how cute - I love ginger tom cats. And I'm so glad you have kitties again - I'm sure Holmes would approve.


Lee said...

Oh happy family! Congrats!

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, I haven't touched the ground yet. Life is good.

Hi CMHL, how right you are. They are adapting to us right now. And the little one is learning to hunt. Hands mostly.

Hi Claudia, the kitten is non-stop laughs, the big one is still feeling us out. We'll see what she decides.

Hi Wicked, you have to come over and play. Bring work gloves.

Hi Puss, I am alive again, and you are quite correct. I almost called the little one Holmes the other day because of his personality. He's full of himself, energetic, fearless, and wonderful.

Hi Lee, Thanks, come on over, you won't believe it.