Friday, March 13, 2009

To Bring You Up To Date

Judy started physical therapy this week, and things are moving slowly. She goes three times a week. She has my old therapist, Bret, who is a wonder worker. I know you think I go to Tiffany, Ace Physical Therapist, but she lives and works too far away for an easy commute, or I'd be there a lot more. She has this dog and two cats, and great stuff to snack on, and this boyfriend....but I digress.

I have apparently made my back a lot worse. Bret saw me walking and gently suggested that we start family therapy. I asked about group rates. He's still laughing, I wasn't. Oh well, I'll wait, Judy needs her arm back. I'll post as I can.

Spellbound of WordsonWaking wrote a really splendid piece on her wedding anniversary yesterday (Happy Anniversary, and to many better dinners!) and she gives more insight into the drama and insanity that accompanies every wedding I know of (including mine). Spellbound is a woman I have become friends with because of her prodigious intellect, and her warm and sharing nature. It is all on display in this post.

Have a great weekend, I'll talk to you soon!


Mel said...

Ah....told ya himself's love of the 'Iraqi torture chamber'. Truth is it got to pot lucks and recipe exchanges....not to mention they did him the world of good on his range of motion. And being laid up for that long--they WERE his social connection.

I hope Judy finds good things with her PT.
And you might wanna consider that 'family plan/group rate'?
Back problems are a pain, huh?!

Wicked H said...

Now listen, I can only nurse one person back to health at a time.

I am willing to have a 3 for one special. You'll need to let me know and then I will clone myself.

In the meantime, take care of both of you!

Hugs and Kisses!

Brook said...

Progress! Yay! Back pain, boo. And a group plan, we can all dream can't we?

katherine. said...

glad the therapy is progressing for Judy....please be careful with your back! (what's with no group rates?!?!)

I truly enjoyed Spellbound's post...thanks!

Spellbound said...

Thank you for the splendid endorsement CEO and I wish both of you improved health. In the meantime I danced the last dance for you last night.

We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, make 'm scream and shout....

Well, you get the picture. I'll be waiting on the dance floor when you're ready.


NoRegrets said...

OK, take care of yourself!

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, I guess when she can use her arm, it'll be just in time for me to check into the Iraqi torture chamber. My recipes are ready!

Hi Wicked, you are really missed around here. We need you soon, really, and it has nothing to do with recuperation and a lot to do with laughing.

Hi Brook, we have a family policy, it's the co-pays that kill us. It's $105 a week for Judy. I'll wait until she's through before adding to that. Health care is a big deal.

Hi Katherine, I really like Spellbound a lot. She reminds me a lot of you, actually, except she's on the East Coast. I can't have too many good people in my life, thank you.

Hi Spellbound, we're gonna dance the night away.....

Hi NoR, workin' on it.

PhoenixHearse said...

If no group plan, how about Two For One Tuesdays? No?

The CEO said...

Hi Heather, you are the best. Can you make a working model of a spine with great shock absorbers, and replace mine, PLEASE.