Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Unbelievable Day

When I was a 16 year old kid, I wasn't so sure that I would ever find the 'right' woman for me. This may sound strange coming from someone who has been married since two days before recorded history began, but it is absolutely true.

I used to go outside and talk to my one true love, wherever she was. I had to be outside because walls would obviously weaken the telepathic signals I was putting out, and since it was clear that I had no idea where she was, there was no need to put impediments in the way. I also had the problem that I didn't know if I was going to have to wait a really long time because she wasn't born yet. I had an extremely high confidence level that she was going to be a she. I had no idea what nationality she was going to be, what race, what religion.....just her sex, and that she was a redhead with great legs. For you quants out there, given every girl (woman) I knew, linear programming showed I couldn't solve simultaneous equations and produce any meaningful results. To the rest of you, I didn't have squat. That does not mean that I am not persistent. I talked to her for a long time, and she laughed at all of my jokes, even the stupid ones. All of my truly great relationships are based in humor.

Tonight I got a phone call at 6:00 pm from a woman named Susan I had known from when I was a teenager. I had known her for years. We were friends. She had known my grandmother, my parents, I had known her sister, her parents. She had gone to Boston College, I went to both of her weddings, that kind of close. Tonight, we caught up. I was on the phone for over an hour and a half. There was laughing, crying, and a lot of stories told. I am so flooded with memories that I have been having trouble writing this.

After I am through posting this, I am going to go outside, even though it's raining, and I'm going to have to explain all of this to my girlfriend, wherever she is, and maybe I better tell her about Judy. I'd hate for her to be surprised whenever she shows up.


katherine. said...

I am sure wherever she is..she understands perfectly...

There are friends who hold the memories of our past...those shared experiences which make them part of our fabric. Some people are only one or two threads...and some people are part of the entire pattern.

hmmmm....there is more to this thought I can't quite excavate from my brain....

Mel said...

Gonna wait for katherine to excavate......cuz I'm likin' what she's sayin'....

The CEO said...

Hi Katherine, I am extremely patient, if I didn't make that clear. I am happy to wait while you think about it. I look forward to knoing what you're thinking.

Hi Mel, we'll find out together, won't we!!!!

katherine. said...

I love Quilts.
I have a special place in my heart for those who quilt.

At times…when I think back on the segments of my past…the impression is of patches of my life all sewn together.

Odd shapes and mismatched fabrics puzzle-pieced together as a whole…and yet unfinished.

At times warm and comforting.
At times heavy and burdensome.

There is a pattern.
Although few would recognize it.

My parents threads start interwoven. Their fabric make up the entire beginning…with pieces of my grandparents...and grandparents before them intertwined.

This portion of my life is strong and sturdy. Like a tapestry.

At some point their threads weave in different directions. One eventually almost disappears. But not quite. It is still a thread in my fabric. (ahhh…as in connected by just a thread ?)

The inter-threading of my own parenthood is dominant in the design. Other threads come and go.

In places the pattern is measured and calm. All the threads equal. All where they should be.

In others the threads are knotted and confusing. Not appealing to the eye.

I recognize fabrics of course weave which seem to withstand any abuse.
I recognize delicately beautiful fabric which require a gentle touch.

I see where the threads have been replaced. Whole patches which have been repaired.

There are threads which are broken. Their fraying weakens the fabric...and disrupts the pattern.

I see embroidery threads enhancing beauty to the pattern. Giving strength to the fabric.

The pattern of threads change direction.
Many times.
More times than is advisable perhaps.

Have you ever spent an hour or so browsing through a fabric store?
There are so many choices it can sometimes be overwhelming.
Kinda like life sometimes.

rough threads
smooth threads
glittery threads
muted colors
bright colors
loud colors
faded colors

Sometimes you change your mind about the colors.

Sometimes you change your mind about the pattern.

Sometimes those changes are made for you.

I gaze at the fabric remembering how the threads of choice and the threads of circumstance have pieced together the segments of my life.

Your story of reconnecting with your dear friend touched me.

A couple weeks ago the recipient of my very first quilt make a guest appearance back in my life.

Maybe I oughta just do my own post….

katherine. said...

yes…this did come to mind as well…smile.

Mel said...

(((((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

I just love hearing ya......

((((((((((( Monty ))))))))))

(ain't she just too cool?)


It's those vast, unique array of threads that weave and warp and tie us in their own special way that my heart wraps itself in.

Brook said...

How poignant. I'd write more but drugs and pain are battling each other and I am caught in hte crossfire.

The CEO said...

Hi Katherine, I have always known that you and I have been connected somehow in some way I can't explain. I still can't explain, and I don't choose to question it. Some things you just are thankful for. You certainly have my life right, and thank you for that.

Hi Mel, I am amazed at how I have changed and at how things have changed since I first met you. All things being equal, I'm the luckiest mn alive.

Hi Brook, please take care of yourself, I need you back, breaking beds and raising hell.

Pamela said...

Is Katherine truly a quilter? Sounds like it...

Monty, your post is interesting, though to be quite honest, I'm a little confused. It almost sounds like you're still seeking that girlfriend, even though you're with Judy...

Spellbound said...

A post that inspired a poem is itself a poem. I love the sound of laughter in your voice.

The CEO said...

Hi Pamela, you'd have to ask Katherine if she's a quilter, I really don't know. I'm sorry if I mislead you. Judy and I will separate when one of us dies, and that had better be me. I have a contract, and I'm holding her to it.

Hi Spellbound, hahahahahahaha, and thank you so much! I really do appreciate your insight.

Mel said...

(((((((((( Monty )))))))))))

Equally graced, sir.

(((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

Loved beyond measure.

Oy geeze....I'm getting smooshy....

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Do you know the song from "The Music Man," "Goodnight, My Someone?" It was sung by Barbara Cook in the original Broadway production and by me in summer stock.

I also spoke to my someone from my heart before Flip and I met and pointed out that if we were ever to be together, time was growing short. Soon after, we met and fell in love at first sight, and will also part when one of us dies.

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, this teacher I know has been saying that you should give love and expect nothing in return, and you will be astonished in what you receive. I love you, Mel.

Hi Susan, I know he song, and the musical. It's the perfect song to sing to someone who's 'out there'. With all of the differences between us, I can't write anywhere near as well as you, for example, or the similarities, we share and practice the same religion pretty much the same way; it's no surprise we ended up with marriages committed the same way,both with spouses with incurable diseases. t's not like either of us care about that other than to hate what is happening to them. Better to be with them than without them.

cmhl said...

I always thought there was one specific person hand-chosen by God just for me. Now? not so sure. maybe. I miss those days when you really deep down felt like something really good was waiting for you just around the corner.


The CEO said...

Hi CM, you are still one of the smartest prople I have ever known. I still believe that something good is waiting around the corner for you. I wonder if you're open to it?

Moi said...

What a great post!

The CEO said...

Hi Claudia, I look forward to seeing more of you when school is over. I have missed you a lot.

Claudia said...

What an incredible blessing to hear from an old friend - and enjoy the contact! Good for you!

The CEO said...

Hi Claudia, she caled out of the blue sky. All those clouds seem to have silver linings!!!

skinnylittlesister said...

Absolutely LoVe Katherine's analogy...
I,too, have been slammed recently with the past and the impact on my here and now have been significant in ways he could never imagine...
I have this silly notion that love truly knows no boundaries...and just because someone is not in my day-to-day life, does not mean that the love is not there. I look at my infectious-spirited grandmother and the love I hold for her is as great today as it was when I was five. Ironically enough she passed away 15 years ago. I see my great nieces, who have never even met her, and through the butterfly effect, the trickle down, they too, know her magic.
:)Chocolate pudding.
I LoVe it...don't have to have it with every meal, or even every day. In fact, once in a blue moon is good, yet ask me any day if I love it and the answer remains the same.
ramble, ramble, peace & love...
may it continue to grow...

The CEO said...

Hi Skinny, I love you too, as well as chocollate pudding. If I'm ever in Atlanta, I'll make sure to have some.

Echomouse said...

I loved this post and all the comments. Katherine really has a great way of expressing herself too. No wonder you have so many good friends. You seem to have a knack for finding the best people.

I'm sooooo relieved you and Judy are not in danger of splitting. I was worried there for a bit. Don't forget, I'm on drugs over here and tend to be gullible when stoned. :-)

Oh, also want to say I'm so glad you reconnected with such a dear old friend. Those are the best! I met my bestest friend ever in kindergarten. We lost touch after Dad moved us away for work. We found each other while my parents were sick. We are in touch every week sometimes several times a week. It makes my world feel complete and happy again to have her back in my life. I've missed her so. So, I know how you feel.

The CEO said...

Hi Carrie, Judy and I are close to our 1000th anniversary. Instead of gold or silver, we figure it's time for new teeth.