Monday, March 02, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Jake heard Judy and I talking about the big snow storm, got excited and came out of hiding to see what the big deal was all about. He is definitely a very curious cat and has to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. And I have more dishes to wash. I have got to keep those cabinent doors closed.

We all went to the front door and saw the following:

If you look at the picture above, you'll notice that you can't see the street. This was at 8:00 am. We only had about 3 inches at that time. We're expecting 6 inches before the day is over, in fact, by lunchtime. The photo below is the house across the street. You can't see the hawk flying in the trees behind it which has just caught a smaller bird to take back to feed her family. Nature at work. You'd almost think this was Iowa, maybe if we had a small river?

There is another issue I'd like to bring up that I read yesterday. My good friend, buddy, pal Brook wrote of an experience of sexual abuse that happened to her as a young teenager. It's one of those issues that needs to be heard by as many people as possible. I urge you to go to her site and read her story, and support her.

Have a wonderful day!


Pamela said...

Jake is the BEST. Though he'd be in trouble in my house.

Allan said...

I've pined for a good snowfall all winter, but I am glad this one missed us. I am ready for winter to be over.

It is 13°F here right now. It's March 2nd. That's just wrong.

Jake is a cutie.

The CEO said...

Hi Pamela, Jake is the best, and he's always in trouble.

Hi Allan, I long for spring, to walk with my wife outside, to smell the new flowers. It seems to be years away. I'm ready, NOW.

I love Jake, I just wish he'd let me sleep more.

Unhinged said...

I love orange kitties. I have a real soft spot for them, and I wish I was close enough to babysit Jake!

The photos of the recent snow are so nostalgic...I come from the midwest where it's usually snowing this time of year. Never thought I'd miss it. Never thought I'd miss a lot of things.

Odat said...

LOL at Jake...
We had lots of snow too last night...Be careful and be well.


Brook said...

Jake would have way too much in my kitchen-i took the upper cabinet doors off when i refinished the cabinets and have yet to re hang them-that was quite a while back-i need to get that project finished. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. I hope you at least threw a snowball or two!

Mel said...


Okay, that'd be MY response to the snowfall. Try it. You might just like it!

And I'll have you know I went looking for the EVIL Mr. Hawky no avail. Mean ol' hawk...makes me feel like I'm setting up the littler birdies when I know he's hangin' around.

Go play in the snow whilest you got it. :-)
It's good for your soul.
Just take mittens with ya.

OH.....and give Jake a taste of it.
Figure THAT'LL cure any desire to bolt for that front door.

Just sayin'....


Mel said...

And thank you--I appreciate you pointing me in the direction of the weblog.


The CEO said...

Hi Unhinged, Jake is wonderful, I love him a lot. I wish you could take this snow storm, it hasn't been fun at all. Traffic has been horrible.

Hi Odat, I didn't try to drive anywhere, we had huge drifts and two neighbors got stuck at the bottom of the hill. Not good.

Hi Brook, Jake can get to the top of the refridgerator. He's a threat to score from almost anywhere at anytime. He also likes to stand on your feet to make sure you play with him. He hates when you leave.

Hi Mel, the hawk is way too small to see because she is so far behind that house. She was flying very fast. I was about to try a snow angel but I was worried seeing that hawk. What if she was still hungry?

I'm glad you went to Brook's blog, she's a good friend.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I remember that -- it's snow! You can't fool me. I remember it well.

Cute kitty. And your friend Brook is a very brave and honest woman who deserves nothing but respect and admiration. She certainly has mine.

PhoenixHearse said...

When I looked at that first picture I thought oh no! that top shelf is gonna fall on him! Cause those are the dumb things I notice.

So glad it's not snowing here...I love the warm weather too much!

The CEO said...

Hi Susan, I hate snow. I used to ski before I herniated a couple of discs in my back. Now I am not supposed to ski so I can't see any reason for snow. Brook is a wonderful person, I really like her.

Hi Heather, I removed him for that reason after I took the picture. He is absolutely fearless. I am not fearless. I have friends who have moved to Phoenix who rave about it. I need to visit sometime.

katherine. said...

I love the snow.

course... I have to travel a few hours to find

When lil' Jake grows up he'll be knocking dishes into the sink...just sayin'.

I'm heading over to read brooke.

The CEO said...

Hi Katherine, when lil Jake grows up, he's going to want to be a running back, and play poker on Thursday nights.