Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Am Pleased To Report

I took Judy to the surgeon yesterday and he changed the dressing. He says she can shower, with some help (I am available) and she can start rotating her arm if she bends over and hangs it straight down. The idea is to prevent a frozen shoulder. She starts physical therapy next week.

Earlier today< she complained that her arm itched, so I gave her a Benedryl. She was worried about the adverse drug reactions as she is very susceptible to the 1%. Then she told me that she thought that with the pain, she thought she'd never laugh again. Then both the vicadin and the benedryl kicked in and she was amazed that she didn't itch anymore. She looked at me with amazement, and I told her that she shouldn't get too upset, but she was having a 1% reaction to the benedryl. She started turning grey, and I told her that her face had fallen off. She almost doubled over laughing. It appears I'm good for something besides cooking around here. I used to think I was just another trophy husband.

I took a picture of her sitting on the couch, but she won't let me publish it. She had her hair cut very short because she couldn't take care of it one handed. I have been threatened if I attempt to publish the smiling picture I took after her laughing fit.

I have been going to sleep sometime between 5 and 6 am and getting up between 2 and 3 pm, so if I haven't made it to your blog, or commented here on my own, my apologies. I have put my life on hold for a while, but I anticipate things returning to normal some time soon.

Please take a look at Wandering Girl's Site (Tiffany the Wonder Physical Therapist). She needs a hand with a worthy non-profit institution she volunteers on the Board of Directors at, and could use some help. I'd appreciate whatever you can do for her. She needs some items for a silent auction, or money.

See you soon, and have a great day!


WanderingGirl said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Vicodan makes me itchy, too, so I'm glad Judy can tolerate it with Benadryl. The pain will get much better. She'll be laughing (unmedicated) before long at all.

Pamela said...

Glad things are going ok. LEt me know if you watn a visit. I'll call hopefully.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've been holding my breath through this entire ordeal. I'm so very glad it's over, except for the healing, and it will be hard for both of you but Judy is in wonderful hands.

Thanks for the update, and G-d bless you both.

Mel said...


I'm smilin' just at the thought of her smilin' and laughing. Job well done, sir.
Lucky she's only got one good arm--elsewise being whapped with the second one mighta been an option.

k....now it's time to investigate the site mentioned.

The CEO said...

Hi Tiffany, Judy says Hi, and wants to know when you're going to visit. We miss you.

Hi Pamela, I'll call you soon. Yes, we want a visit!

Hi Susan, I actually was sweating. The second surgeon was because Judy has lupus. Surgery tends to cause lupus to go active, and they feared a heart attack or renal failure. I was so happy when the surgeon told me she was awake, I can't begin to tell you.

Hi Mel, yes indeed, I have one of those marriages, based in humor. It was that or my cooking. Sound familiar?

Brook said...

Laughter is the best medicine, and a wonderful basis for marriage. Quite the aphrodisiac too, I find. So glad Judy is well enough to give the whalloping you deserve(never take bad pictures of your woman-you should know this!)I had a friend in HS with lupus. Seriously, glad Judy is doing well.

The CEO said...

Hi Brook, it was a great picture, it was her hair that she objected to as she had cut it so short. But you should see her smile. I almost forgot I had made a pot of coffee.

Wicked H said...

Keep on healing, laughing and resting. You have my blessing to do whatever else is needed.

Hugs to you both!

The CEO said...

Hi Wicked, we're long on healing and laughing, short on vermouth. Help, send help.

Mel said...

Thinkin' it's drop dead gorgeous if coffee was almost forgotten!

And yup.....sounds very familiar, Monty.
Cooking and humor--and a cute little accent.....let's not forget that....LOL The rest of the world doesn't!

M@ said...

A 1% reaction!


Brook said...

M@ statistics are a bitch says the mother of the dead child who was assured that 99.9% of children recover from croup. .01% happens. That is why the stats exist.

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, I can cook a mean steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms and garlic, or maybe some eggplant parmigan, or some nice chicken, or some of Brook's recipe's (see the blogroll for her tasty blog delights), but the English accent....I need training.

Hi M@, yup, he's had several 1% and less reactions already. She's sensitive to them, so why take unneccesary chances.

Hi Brook, unfortunately, you have already seen way too much in your young life. Welcome to the tough people's club. Can you say RAWR?

Brook said...

I say RAWR every day and then laugh a little more! Had a sharp edge the other day, I should save rants for my own blog =)

PhoenixHearse said...

It's great to hear that Judy's recovery is progressing so well. I definitely don't envy her the physical therapy, but I have no doubt she'll be back to new in no time.

And I'm sure everyone here understands that Judy (and plenty of other things, including your sanity) come way before your blog.

Bruce said...

Please give my best to Judy, and to yourself. Enjoy the snow!