Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surgery Day - Time To Man Up

This is Dr. Dan Lahr, the Orthopedic Surgeon who is going to operate on Judy in the morning. He did his residency at Duke, and lives about 20 minutes from here. He and I also have gone out for sushi because neither of our wives likes sushi. When he was in college, he went on an athletic scholarship as an offensive tackle to Colgate University. In his spare time, he loves to push me around the office, me the ex-quarterback. Trust me, I push back, he's just that much bigger than me. He also fixed my broken humerus (the big bone between the elbow and the shoulder which I snapped in two in a fall) on my left arm.

I'm not worried about Dan, it's the anastheiologist I'm worried about.

Statistically, more people die in an operating room because of the anesthesiologist than the surgeon. I take little comfort in knowing this fact. Time to check with Super Physical Therapist Tiffany, purveor of all things medical. She says to trust the surgeon because he wouldn't work with a bum anasthesiologist. Excellent logic. I let Tiffany go as she is needed as Catwoman in a Batman and Robin escapade with PB and the Force, her fiance and his son, both wonderful people.

Then, I took her to our favorite steak house for dinner with our favorite waiter. He even cut her prime rib with roasted galic for her. That's a waiter! After dinner, it was home to watch some TV before bed. The later it got, the more nervous she got. She was too nervous to sleep, which made me nervous.

So I tried to bargain with G-d. I simply aid this. I really want her back. But if your plan really needs someone, let it be me. Take me right there in the waiting room. But you should be really fast because I'll be surrounded by all these medical people that think they can save anyone, so you won't have a lot of time, so please, be quick.

Given that, when all is said and done, I'll let you know what happened.


AmyTree said...

Tiffany's logic is excellent - my mom would say the same thing!! Thinking of you both today. xxx

WanderingGirl said...

Good luck!!!

WanderingGirl said...

Oh, and to the world at large who now thinks I got engaged and not only didn't tell them, but let someone else tell the internet first... I'm not engaged. PB is my boyfriend, not my fiance. Sorry for the alarm.

Brook said...

Okay, I told you once not to make me cry. I hate crying. Do not do it again. Be well. Platitudes suck but pretend I said them all, ok?
WG-well, that did actually set off an alarm, especially after the electric blanket vignette;)

Alison said...

Thinking of you both!

Pamela said...

Don't let the worrying get you down. And thinking of you.

katherine. said...


thinking of all that could possibly go wrong while in a hospital or doctor's office. I know this one.

Bargaining with the Big Guy..."your will be done...but just in case here is what I think should happen"

I do this all the time.
ALL the time

tossing up a few prayers for you both...and the doctors...

PhoenixHearse said...

If it's gonna be anyone (and I honestly believe it won't be), make it be one of those worthless craps on death row. You and Judy are good peoples.

Spellbound said...

How sweet to see you still in love. I will keep happy thoughts for you both.

Mel said...

((((((( Monty )))))))))

((((((((((( Judy ))))))))))))))

(gently of course--cuz healing gets to happen)

You're talking with the Queen of Bargaining, yaknow.


Thy will be done.
(but you know what I want....)

Thinkin' of you both..sending prayers and positive thoughts.

((((((((((( you ))))))))))))))

Eris said...

Okay, so I'm crying.

I remember reading a post of yours long ago about how you still find your wife irresistable. About how there is still passion and love. About how she is the woman for you.

It changed my life.

Knowing that there are men out there like you, that there are relationships like yours, gave me the strength to hope that even if I never find such a thing it does exist. And that is beautiful.

I don't know about prayer and I don't know about bargaining, I have done both with results that were perhaps not what I asked for but likely best in the cards. Of course I read this now, knowing that she made it out okay and that you are okay, but for what it is worth the simplicity of living your life in love and truth, and out loud for others to witness, had made the world a better place.

You touched one person and maybe someday I can touch one person and in turn the world will be a better place. Philisophical gargon I know, but the the truth, so thank you.

Hug your beautiful wife tonight. And thank G-d that it worked out well. and thank you.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Seems like you made a great choice in surgeons. I'm so glad