Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'd Like To Thank You For Your Help

I got this letter from Glamourpuss and felt you should read it too.

Subject: Sincere Thanks
Just to let you all know, thanks to your votes, I made it through and will be performing at the Newcomer's contest at this year's London Burlesque Festival. Quite literally, I could not have done it without you; thank you, sincerely.
Glory xx

As the person who solicited your vote, I also thank you for having taken the time to help someone else out along their chosen path. It can only be a better World when we take a moment to do an act of kindness for someone we don't know. I am appreciative, and the results are most gratifying! Thank you again!



Glamourpuss said...

Thank you for your help, Monty and thanks to everyone who voted!


Echomouse said...

Congrats Glamourpuss!! This is awesome :) Well done!

Monty, I just read backwards. I'm reading all the links to other bloggers. That was a timely post and I thank you.

Hope you and Judy are doing well.

PhoenixHearse said...

YAY! I can't wait to hear the results.

Pamela said...

go Monty!

Mel said...



And of course we wanna know how it turns out.

katherine. said...

sometime the weblog world is way cool.

skinnylittlesister said...

Awesome! Good Goin' GlamourPuss!

The CEO said...

Hi Puss, thanks, now go strut your stuff and have a great time.

Hi Carrie, it's good to see you out and about. Judy has surgery next week. I hope you like the new reads!

Hi Heather, want to go to England April 4th and we'll go to the show?

Hi Pamela, I couldn't have helped without you.

Hi Mel, you'll know about as fast as I know. Maybe faster if you read her blog.

Hi Katherine, the weblog is how I found you. I kind of like the web.

Hi Paige, I have learned a lot from you, and I'm not skinny nor am I blond.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so glad she made it! We were all happy to help, but I'm sure her success is really due to the fact that she is a kick-ass performer.

Way to go, Glamourpuss!!

Brook said...

Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for always having a kind word and for laughing at all the right places-and winking at the others! I would love to meet your cat one day.

Spellbound said...

Fabulous and I am so happy that worked out. I think it was the photo in the pink and black outfit that put her over the edge. Oddly enough my local naughty store had it in stock and I could not resist trying it on. I asked my husband if he liked it. "It's nice." he said. I rejected it in favor of the one I had tried on earlier that left him speechless.

The CEO said...

Hi Susan, it's great seeing you! There's no doubt she's a fabulous performer. Thanks for voting for her.

Hi Brook, Happy Valentine's Day! I want to grow up to be just like you except the gorgeous red hair could be a problem for me.

Hi Elaine, Puss is somewhat like you in that she is amazingly accomplished. Unfortunately she had a very rocky beginning, and has overcome some very nasty 'problems'. She is one of my heroines. Thanks for your vote, and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wonderful husband.