Friday, February 20, 2009

VICTORY on W. Gude Drive

Judy is sound asleep in the recliner as I sit here writing this. We're home, and I have been asleep for three hours, enough to function for a while.

We got to the surgical center at 6:30 am. The center opens at 6:30 am. She was taken back to the Prep Room at 7:00 am while I was doing her paper work, since she can't use her right hand. I asked when I could go back, and at 7:30 am they let me go back to see her. She had refused a nerve block from her neck to her right shoulder. It was like one of those TV commercials for post nasal drip, where the side effects could kill you. She made an "informed decision" to not take the nerve block.

I met the assistant surgeon, which surprised me. I didn't know that the operation would require a second surgeon. No comment was made. Then the anaesthesiologist came in, and talked to Judy as she put on her mask. She could care less that I was there. And finally, Dan Lahr came in, and drew a large box on her right shoulder and put his initials in it. He gave me a prescription for percocette and told me to go fill it because she was going to be in a lot of pain without the nerve block. Great. He told me that the surgery portion would be about 1 1/2 hours and recovery about 1/2 hour.

I took Judy's first team leader and now our friend, who had come to sit with me through the ordeal, to breakfast (I got us fancy French Toast and bacon at her request because I am also a wonderful date!) but couldn't finish. I got the prescription filled and we went back. And we waited, And waited. Then, the deputy surgeon came out and assured me she was fine. Surgery had taken 2 1/2 hours. A tidal wave of emotion sort of washed all over me, and I called her brother. Then Dan the Man came out in his scrubs. Now came the detail. The tear was huge, but he got it back together easily. It was much bigger than the MRI showed, enormously bigger. And she is going to hurt a lot because she didn't get the nerve block, but it turned out to be a very successful operation. And we're getting sushi soon. Recovery would take an hour and a half.

My G-d is an awesome G-d. We both made it.

After we got her home, and I made her something to eat, and the pain started to subside, after four shots of morphine and two percocettes and two vicodins at the surgical center finally all kicked in and worked on the pain, I gave her chicken salad and Coke Zero and some rice crackers. I made Annissa lunch, played with Jake, who was frenzied, and then called her sister to come over so I could get a little sleep. I got three hours.

She has to sleep in the recliner, and I have to sleep on the couch because she can't lower the feet by herself, the lever being on the right side. She can't sleep with her feet down. The first 72 hours are critical. So, here's one of those situations where you just have to man up. No problem. Things will straighten back up next week or so sometime. Small price to pay. No big deal.

And I made an error. Tiffany isn't engaged, which means I still have a chance, which is a good thing. Judy and I need a wife, and what would be better than a wife who was also a terrific Physical Therapist? And Tiffany is so lovable too. Sorry Tiffany. Have a great weekend, y'all!


AmyTree said...

I'm so pleased it went well!!! Big (gentle!) hugs to you both.

Mel said...

Funny that...My G-d is an awesome G-d, too.

((((((((((( Monty ))))))))))))

Shades of familiarity--rotor cuff surgery was a painful ordeal for himself....and for me.
Mostly cuz it's no fun not being able to change any of it for him, yaknow?

And yup, recliners are awesome--'cept for the fact that the lever's on the wrong side!
But we have a whole buncha pretty coloured rubberband thingies from PT---they make great slingshots for socks!
Just sayin'.... :-D

<-- sending healing thoughts

My G-d is an awesome G-d.

WanderingGirl said...

She'll likely sleep in the recliner for a few weeks... hope that couch is comfortable! I'm glad she came through so well, despite the pass on the nerve block. It will all be much better in a few weeks. And thanks for the correction, one Ma King (and a few others) was very concerned! Good luck!

Odat said...

I'm happy to hear that things went well but sorry that Judy will suffer some pain....but she's got you and that's a good thing....(((((hugs))))))) and a lil soft one for Judy.

Brook said...

Repeat of everything. And more hugs too! Don't forget to take care of yourself so you're in good shape for Judy! Funny, I told D just a couple of days ago that I need a wife! Great minds and all that.

PhoenixHearse said...

YAY! So glad to hear you're both home and both recovering :)

HUGS to you and Judy. She'll be back swinging on the uneven bars in no time.

Allan said...

I'm glad it went so well. Years ago, my mother had a torn rotator cuff, that was pretty much destroyed by arthritis.

It couldn't be repaired in any normal way. The recovery was long and arduous.

Pamela said...

Hey, you're a man. Rig up a contraption that will let her do the recliner. Just kidding. Take care of your lovely wife. She deserves it. And take care of yourself too.

Wicked H said...


Mel said...

((((((((((( Monty )))))))))))))

I know you're takin' care of Judy.

Be sure you're taking care of Monty, too---k?

Alison said...

Glad to hear it went well! Take good care of Judy! And yourself, too.

Moi said...

I'm glad to hear everything went well. Sending you both wishes for a speedy recovery!!

Mel said...

Hope you both had a restful night.

<-- sending healing thoughts

Spellbound said...

Sounds like all went pretty well. The food thing confused me however. I never want anything to eat when I'm sick except tomato soup. I know Jake is happy to have you home again. Hugs

cmhl said...

YAYYY Judy! I had rotator cuff surgery a little over a year ago, and now have full range of motion. I felt good in about 6 months, but now really feel "normal" (or as normal as I ever feel).

stay ahead of the pain!!!

and YAY JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unhinged said...

Hey, Monty. Hoping everything goes better than what you expect...

I'm all befuzzled about the Tiffany comment, though. If you're married, why would you want another wife?

(My mom's name is Judy. Coincidence? Nahhhh. Couldn't be.)

M@ said...

Well, I'm hoping for a speed recovery!

Mel said...

Yup....checking in AGAIN.

Hoping you and the missus are fairing well.
And, of course, sending more prayers and healing thoughts.

You KNOW it's what I do. ;-)

NoRegrets said...

I'll come over next weekend and bring you both food!

Eris said...

Hugs for all!

Mel said...

*sending more healing thoughts*

I'd ask himself to whip ya something up--but I'm afraid it'd be that cod stuff. LOL

How do ya feel about gluten free pancakes?
(smothered with syrup--they're doable, actually!)

Take care of you.
I know Jake'll making sure he gets his......

Open Grove Claudia said...

Thank God. I'm so glad she was able to get the assistance she needs - and you were able to get it too.

((((Monty and Judy))))

sexy said...