Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter Pays Off

I was discussing dinner with Chef Brook, who offers up multiple dishes on her blog, when I explained that I had made a pot of chicken soup last week and frozen multiple bags of servings for this week in an attempt to "Think Like Brook". Then it dawned on me. Her last post had her going to PF Chang's for dinner and bringing home leftovers.

I talked about egg rolls and sushi and all of Judy's favorite Chinese foods on the way home from Physical Therapy. She went to sleep while I took Jake to the vet for his feline leukemia shots (requiring hand-to-hand combat to get him into the carrier). When I got home and released Jake, I was talking on the phone outside (so I wouldn't wake her) to one of my all-time favorite wife-certified girlfriends (means Judy likes her too) when Judy came outside with a menu from our favorite Chinese restaurant. She wanted to know what kind of sushi I wanted when she ordered dinner. So I am writing this post instead of making dinner.

If my haircut didn't look line Ben Bernanke's, I'd have ordered Ruby Red hair coloring by now so I could look a little more like Brook.


Mel said...

You're a brave man.
If the sushi didn't speak to that--certainly putting Jake in the cat carrier did.

I hope Judy's healing well--and that you'll reconsider the Ruby Red hair colouring.
I happen to think Ben would look smashing in that colour!

Brook said...

You are just the sweetest! I love sushi! Not cooking some nights is so nice-especially when you can get good leftovers. Read on MacDuff cause last night was fried chicken and peach cake. Did you put on your heavy leather gloves before attempting the near impossible put a cat in a box trick or are you truly shredded?

NoRegrets said...

Poor poor Jake...
Did you give him some sushi as a make up gift?
Glad Judy is moving along...

Claudia said...

Wow, you are a busy guy! I'm glad things are going well, sort of. Nothing like a pot of vegetable soup. Yum.

gosh you see so much happier now that you let Mr. Toxic sink on his own.

Spellbound said...

You could have ordered the sushi first and put one piece in the cat carrier. No way Jake could have resisted.

katherine. said...

laughing at spellbound.

now I want chinese food for dinner.
(the cooked kind)
(the not fish kind)

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, I do what I have to do. I watched two techs hold Jake down to cut his nails. I am not that brave. For 9 pounds, he's a tiger. As soon as it was over, he was all lovey with the woman who was cutting his nails. He's a lover.

Hi Brook, peach cake, I'm drooling. Jake actually got me on the face once just to let me know how unhappy he was. He made up later by biting my ankle when I wasn't looking. He thinks that's an invitation to play.

Hi NoR, after he got home, Jake got his all-time favorite salmon treats. He likes these even more than sushi, and it's a toss-up with pate, which gives him the runs.

Hi Claudia, you are very insightful, I am a lot happier now than I was before. You have been a huge help, thank you.

Hi Spellbound, Jake doesn't share sushi well, and he doesn't stop at one piece. Good thinking though. Can you believe a cat who loves rice? Too bad he's no good with chop stix?

Hi Katherine, think moo shi pork and Chinese vegetables, and dumplings, hot and sour soup. I'll protect you from all that messy sushi stuff, I promise.

Brook said...

Good Morning! Oops, afternoon! Had wonderful leftovers again just now-I am liking Friday date nights better and better. And I think you are an awesome fellow regardless of your camera shy ways!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

They serve sushi at your favorite Chinese restaurant? Is it fusion cuisine, or is that only in California?

I could always get Truffle into her carrier, but she had to be airlifted out on the vet's table as she lowered her center of gravity to make her weigh 483 pounds and hung on with all her claws, growling.

I hope Judy is doing well by now.

The CEO said...

Hi Brook, I am so glad that things are looking up for you, you deserve it! When you look like you could scare mafia hit men, you aren't photogenic. Sorry, not in my skil set.

Hi Susan, she's moving along slowly. The lupus really slows healing compounded by the diabetes. Judy's aunt died with Alzheimers, and we were taking care of her. So I follow the research on diabetes, lupus and alzheimers as close as I can.
Jake seems to hold ME responsible for the vet's office. They can stick hm with needles, use the thermometer, etc. and he just purrs away. But it takes two to three people to cut his nails. He turns into 9 pounds of fury. Since I take him, and bring him home, I am the bad guy. The women there can play with him, and he hugs and kisses them seconds after the nail cutting. Me, he'd like to rip my throat out for taking him. I still think it's an Oedipal thing. I am NOT falling on my sword for him.

The CEO said...

Not fusion, I should come to San Francisco to eat, I love fusion.