Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Quick Note

I had a close call last week. I was told to report to the emergency room as my family doctor couldn't hear any 'bowel sounds' when he examined me. The range of options ranged from exploratory surgery to a soap suds enema. I wanted to go home and finish the chopped liver so that Jake didn't get to finish it while I was laying in the hospital. I won.

I'll write it up as soon as it's a little easier to sit and write. Part of my reason to wait this long to write anything is the London Burlesque Fest was last weekend. Many of you voted to help Glamourpuss get into the newcomer's competition. She went on first, and came in third for all UK competitors. The back story is she was operated on about a week before to see if she had cancer, which she thankfully doesn't. I waited for her to publish her account before I wrote this up. It just an amazing example of having some faith in yourself and seeing things through when the going gets tough. She deserves you congratulations after having received your support.


Mel said...

(((((( Monty )))))))

I'm sure Jake woulda been sad to not have been able to share the chopped liver.
k.....that's probably a stretch...

Hope you're doing okay.....

*sending more prayers*

And GOOD for our little pole dancer! She persevered well.

Brook said...

Good chopped liver is hard to find-you made the right choice.
I had already checked up on Glamourpuss-I just wish they had video.
Eat your Wheaties!

Pamela said...

Man, hope you feel better! And Jake lost out, poor him. We need a new photo of him.

Alison said...

I agree that we need a new photo of Jake.

Also, *hugs* for you.

katherine. said...

yea and a big "atta girl" for glamour puss!

as for Jake...I'm surprised there was any left when you did get home.

hope you are healing...

((( monty ))) gently...

skinnylittlesister said...

Glamourpuss kicks rump! :)
You too, will prove to the docs that some folks are just more quiet than others. Believe!
The mind, heart & soul are powerful things.
My sister was diagnosed stage 4B Her2 positive cancer a couple years ago. She was given a 50/50 chance of seeing 18 mos. About 2 weeks ago, the docs told her that she is in true remission....clear and clean.
It is not that she didn't believe what the docs were saying, she just believed she had more yet to do around here... and she believed it passionately, with her heart, her mind & her spirit.
One doctor called it a miracle ;) I call it life...Much Peace Monty & Much Love...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Glamourpuss is incredible! I'm so glad she won. (The other two don't count. SHE WON.)

I'm glad you're all right, too. Maybe the chopped chicken liver was trying to do you in.

Take good care of you!

Mel said...


What a wonderful gift SLS just gave you.....and me.

((((((((( SLB )))))))))

Happy Passover to you.

The CEO said...

Hi Mel, trust me on this, I shared the rest of the chopped liver with Jake, it was my pleasure! I even let him lick out the plastic container it came in. He has become quite possessive about that container, having scraped down every millimeter. He's not sharing anything. Thank you for the good words!

Hi Brook, whenever we meet, I'll try to bring you some. Bran muffins sound good to me!

Hi Pamela, Jake never losses out. I'll do some new photos soon!

Hi Ali, {{{{{ Ali }}}}} new photos coming up.

Hi Katherine, {{{{{Katherine }}}}} if Jake could open the refridgerator there would be almost nothing left. He'd eat the veggies too.

Hi Skinny, as usual, you have been right again. I can't explain why it has been happening, but I shouldn't be here, except I am. I was bleeding internally in 2007. Went into the hospital. They gave me 9 units of blood, you hold 8. I was below empty, hard to do, but here I am. {{{{{ Skinny }}}}}
Much peace & love, Skinny, always!

Hi Susan, I agree with you completely, she won, and she won big time! Working on the taking care of me part. Happy Passover!

Hi Mel, {{{{{ Mel }}}}} you and I are Graced, blessed, watched over, cared about, honored, loved, etc. And you have always been there for me. It just isn't our time yet, and isn't that grand! You have a new grand daughter coming, and that's important. I hope she's a red head! Happy Passover!

Wicked H said...

First Happy Passover!

Second, I just heard the message you left me while waiting to get your CT. Technology (my phone) is fantastic when it actually works. I am glad to hear things are ok. Please forgive me.

Life, work and the rest have been kicking my ass lately.

Love to you and Judy!

The CEO said...

Hi Wicked, I was worried that someone was sick and I'll leave it at that, not being at all suspicious. C'mon over, we'll share some choped liver with Jake!

Echomouse said...

I have to go read Glamourpuss to get the update. But I want to say, she is so inspiring. Thanks for letting us know how things are going with her.

I'm so sorry you're undergoing more tests and concerns. That sucks. Plain and simple. One bright spot...as I was reading your post, I misread this part "as soon as it's a little easier to sit and write."
"as soon as it's a little easier to shit and write."
I burst out laughing.
Thanks Monty :-) I know it's not appropriate but really, if anyone would write it that way, I imagine you might :-)

I dearly hope all is well with this situation.

Elaine said...

Loving you is easy. Glad you are all better. Kisses

The CEO said...

Hi Carrie, I'd have said it, you know me altogether too well!! I improve daily!

Hi Elaine, the feeling is mutual!