Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Have News

We went to the surgeon today. When Judy had her rotator cuff surgery, she had torn the entire rotator cuff, and the operation took approximately twice as long as was first estimated. They had to dissect a certain muscle, and there was some nerve damage in the process. This is known as "complex regional pain syndrome". In other words for us laypeople, her hand and entire arm hurt like hell. Still.

She reacts to this sort of like General Patton or Napoleon might. She simply seizes control of whatever area she is in and controls her environment to protect herself. Jake curls up next to her on her left side only. He only tries to bite her left hand. Jake may be a cat, but he's not suicidal.

The surgeon and her physical therapist decided that she should not go back to work for another 30 days and she should continue physical therapy through this period. At the end, she would be re-evaluated. Judy announced that she would be off for the next nine days, then return to work part time since her leave had run out, continue therapy, not drive, I would continue to chauffer her around, and they and her would re-evaluate in thirty days. Now I was part of the prescription. Actually, I have been part of the prescription since she tore the rotator cuff, but now it was formal.

The good news? The surgeon didn't object to her working part time from the house. We've been told by both the surgeon and the therapist that it will be August before she is pretty much pain free, and a year before she gets her range of motion back.

I have filed a motion with the General for a luxurious weekend in Richmond in mid May. By starting now, and discussing this everyday, I hope to get her to come with me. I offered her Tylenol PM and to let her sleep all the way down. Rejected. I have offered her an alternative route, down route 301 to Richmond, instead of down Interstate 95 to Richmond. The General immediately countered with "can you find an interior route instead of going toward the coast?" I guess she's worried about her tank sinking into the ocean I must remember that Hanibal preferred the overland route with his elephants. And that's why we studied history....

Have a great day!


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope your General feels much better way ahead of schedule. From now until August is a very long time to be in pain. If I had a vote, I would endorse the vacation in May, no matter which route is taken.

Mel said...

I'm with her.

It's her recovery and her body.
Nope, I don't always know what's good for me--I still get to choose., if need be.


<-- giving permission to steal the rawr and gift it to Judy to use AT will.

Jake is a wisened kitty already.

And you--stay smart. LOL

*sending healing thoughts*

katherine. said...

That's a lot of months before pain free. But it seems you and Jake are helping Judy figure it out.

An inland route can be lovely in the spring...

I'm gonna start thinking of you as a taller version of Radar O'Reilly.

M@ said...

At least she can work part-time. And that she'll be free of this pain sometime in the near future.

Wicked H said...

I salute both of you!

Hopefully the motion will be granted with minimal efforts.

I knew we studies History for a reason, thanks for the reminder.

Continued good health and speedy, less painful recovery to the General.

Hugs to you both as always. Working on the live meeting dates, life continues to be carazy! Not an excuse, just the situation.

Spellbound said...

Okay, this is simple. Vacation and chocolate cake or home alone with Jake. Wait, that rhymes. You know my vote.

WanderingGirl said...

I can send some Percocet.

Pamela said...

Wow, what a long recovery. But good for you for taking care of her...

Monty said...

Hi Susan, she's actually leaning toward the getaway. I'm hoping she finds the pain gradually abates betwwen now and August.

Hi Mel, oh we have changes of mind on a regular basis. We have had a two week course of prednizone in the middle of this episode. She actually apologized before she started. We have experience with prednizone. If she was still on that, Richmond would not have been a possibility. Much rawring has been done.

Hi Katherine, choppers, wait for 'em. Jake is a trooper. He never bites Judy anymore. He has added my ankles besides my arms and hands to his repetoire. He only has eyes for me now. He's such a good cat.

Hi M@, precisely, you understand to look on the bright side!

Hi Wicked, you're so kind. There's still martinis in our future!

Hi Elaine, I have already voted. I like chocolate cake.

Hi Tiff, no percocette, vicoden!

Hi Pamela, you know I'm a sucker for her, she's my best friend, and in my spare time, she's my wife!

Claudia said...

wow! August doesn't seem so very far away. And you'll get a few hours to yourself. What will you do with all the time?