Friday, March 30, 2007

Autism Sucks

My closest friend on Earth after my wife has two children who are Autistic. I met my friend Jim my Freshman year of college, in a PE class, and we ended up living on the same floor in the same dorm together for the next three years. I was the best man in his weddings, and he should have been in mine. The great hope is that the oldest of the two boys can get enough education to take care of himself. The other boy, so far, is uneducable.

I tried to get this badge from CMHL, who is always in the middle of things worthwhile. The badge was to make it easy for you to donate, and she references a friend who is in a contest to get the donation increased. But Google insisted that their advertising should dominate. I will handle this situation later this weekend.

Should you make a donation, you might go all the way back to the page she is pointing at, for the reasons CMHL has pointed out. Me, I'll just say Thank You, regardless.


Matt said...

Don't know why autism rates are rising. Environmental?

The CEO said...

I don't know why either, Matt. Hell, I thought we'd have beat cancer by now. That might be environmental too.

Pickled Olives said...

Thanks for pointing the direction. The numbers are alarming.

The CEO said...

Olives, it would have been more efficient to bypass CMHL, but it is not in my makeup to be able to do that. Thanks for going.

Glamourpuss said...

I used to teach a boy with Aspergers - interesting condition. His brother was severely autistic and unable to participate in mainstream education. It is the most curious condition.