Thursday, March 01, 2007

Don't Miss Out

Crankster has been writing a fabulous multi-part series on Mean Girls, Part 2 Marriage Penalties, Part 3 A Guy Walks Into A Bar;a take off on the movie, and addressing a societal issue with class and skill, the spread of hatred against men or misandry. Not a popular topic as men aren't supposed to complain.

Fortunately, Crankster also has a fabulous following that has no problem getting involved in these issues with him, and bringing out the best in him, and he in them. Not everyone agrees, and that makes for a beautiful place. People still respect each other, but can take opposite attitudes and defend them wholeheartedly. There are a lot of very smart people who comment there, and there are two that I am so glad for, Glamourpuss and Misanthropster to name just two. They both concede points to each other, both are well versed, knowledgeable, and both ended up in the same place.

You don't end one form of discrimination with another.

I believe that everyone has the same rights regardless. That doesn't mean I have to like you, or that you have to like me. But, we ought to be able to treat each other with a certain amount of respect that acknowledges our individual humanity. We each change the World one person at a time, so it's easy to start now. Isn't it?


Pickled Olives said...

I thought it was a great series of posts. I like how his brain works. I like that Crankster can eloquently put it in writing.

Glamourpuss said...

I agree with Olive - even if his argument did piss me right off...


Odat said...

Well put...thanks for sharing that!

Echomouse said...

I think you sent us to his blog before. I remember reading some posts and thought...where do you find all these incredible people? He's very interesting and a good writer. I'm going to check this out again. Can't remember where I left off.