Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Little Serenity

"Those who have drunk lonesome water are not in their right minds. It’s more than loving the land. It seems for me the thing for which you spend your whole life to build, if you would be whole, is not a bank account, or an unimpeachable social position, or success in any one of a thousand lines of endeavor; it seems to me that the only thing worth having is a certainty of yourself. People who have this knowledge are people who have kept their edges intact, people with what I can only call core; by which I mean the indestructible skeleton of character, showing through manner and mannerism, as good bones show through flesh. It’s one thing you know you can count on in yourself and in others, and it’s not easily acquired."

Louise Dickinson Rich, from Happy the Land

I was sent to these folks by Cindy. you know, the sensual feminine photographer type stuck in a dead-end job in Wisconsin while she gets her degree in photography en route to becoming a world-famous photographer, like Claudia. Both of them are world-class writers. She sent me because she thought I needed a little serenity in my life. I'm sharing a little with you today, because who doesn't need a little serenity?

Paradise is not a place
where we are going.
It is a place
where we are from.
We can go there
at any time.
It is our beliefs
that lock us in our hell.

It is the sacredness of this moment
that is the key to freedom.

Excerpted from John Squadra's book of poetry, This Ecstasy

Have a great weekend. What did you think of the writing and the poetry?


Pickled Olives said...

I think the writing and the poetry speak more to me than those motivational posters at work.

Matt said...

I'll remember that when I rock myself to sleep tonight, CEO. :)

The CEO said...

Olives, you have such good taste.

Matt, you have women chasing you. They all want you. Let one catch you.

cinders said...

I did?

The CEO said...

Cinders, you bastion of good taste. I will leave the next obvious sexual comment alone.

Odat said...

I loved this post!!! It's just like my name OneDayAtaTime...odat..
One moment, one all we have...Live in it! It's so easy, yet we complicate it soooo much.
Feel better ...and

Claudia said...

CEO...I loved the first excerpt. It rings true for me.

Wicked H said...

With my beret securely on, I snap to you my friend.


Echomouse said...

I love that quote. It's how I think of my Dad, and myself...or what I aim to hold myself to.

The serenity is dearly needed and much appreciated. {{Hug}} Thank you for sharing this :)