Saturday, March 17, 2007

Once Again

Mike Hendricks of the Kansas City Star reports in his opinion piece about how two lesbians were thrown out of an IHOP for sharing a kiss. We're talking about a kiss that a niece might share with an uncle, according to the article. You can read the article for yourself.

This is not the first time, and I fear, won't be the last time that I declare that this blog stands for individual freedom. Anyone can have sex with whoever will have sex with them of their own free will, as long as they are of the age of consent. I still believe in the law. I had thought we had decriminalized sex in the 70's. Evidently I was wrong.

For example, it is a fifth degree felony for two gay people to have sex in Virginia. The word absurd doesn't cover it. Neither does ignorant. And, according to the article, there is no law protecting the sexual rights of people in parts of Kansas and Missouri. In other words, you can be fired for being gay, with no recourse. And any other form of discrimination you choose to try. In English, what happened in Kansas was legal in Kansas.

One thing that seems to be getting some attention is sending e mail to IHOP's Corporate Headquarters. Boycotting your local IHOP doesn't help, because your local IHOP didn't do anything. In the meantime, writing to the Corporate Headquarters seems like a start. Sending a copy to your State Legislature representative, your Congressperson, and your two Senators also helps. Evidently, if we don't guarantee a freedom, some people have no problem taking them away. I guess most people never read about morality and ethics.

When things are wrong, the majority needs to stand up and say so. I'm saying this kind of crap is wrong.


Wicked H said...

Bavo. Standing O to you my friend.

I am heading off to draft my

mist1 said...

That's it. I am boycotting the Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity breakfast. Still, it seems funny to me that a place that sells a meal called the Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity is so opposed to expressions of same sex affection.

I will be sure to point that out in my letter. Maybe they will rename the dish "Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Straight."

WanderingGirl said...


Lee said...

Ditto Wandering Girl.

Although one must wonder how any IHOP could possibly get anyone in the mood for a kiss, even a peck. Just makes me wanna go wash my hands.

And Mist is hysterical.

cmhl said...

this is just an observation-- my kids like to get the "funny face" pancake thingy. it is a pancake w/ a smile made w/ whipped topping & chocolate chips.

on the ticket, it rings up as "face butt." seriously. it cracks me up every time.

Pickled Olives said...

Nicely put!

Glamourpuss said...

How lame. If I'm going to get thrown out of a place, I expect it to get a lot messier than that.

Kansas is full of sissys.


cmhl said...

I have this quote r.e. the constitutionality of the death penalty printed out & stuck in my "interesting items" thing on my desk. it is by columnist Jeff Jacoby.

"It is up to the law to speak to them-to speak for all grief-stricken survivors confronted with the butchery of someone near and dear. Capital punishment says to them: We, the community, take your loss with the utmost seriousness. We know that you are filled with rage and pain. We know that you may cry for vengeance, may yearn to strangle the murderer with your bare hands. You are right to feel that way. But it is not for you to wreak retribution. As a decent and just society, we will do it. Fairly. After due process. In a court of law."

also like this one by Ed Koch, "It is by exacting the highest penalty for the taking of human life that we affirm the highest value of human life."

you know my thoughts on this subject, CEO, disjointed as they may be. I'm playing devil's advocate here; I am a student of the law and act accordingly, but that doesn't mean that I could/would/should pull the switch.

rebecca said...

i have missed your blog. i was away for a week. i have a lot of catching up to do!