Friday, June 29, 2007

Dateline: London

The antidote to Chinese Trade Policies gone awry is, of course, accidentally finding a couple of car bombs in downtown London. Do I need to point out that Glamourpuss works in downtown London? You will also see a reference to Rachel of North London who was caught in a car in the tube that exploded in August of '05 in London.

The first car was found by accident, as the news here has reported, when someone reported the car had smoke pouring out of it. Evidently, the car was loaded with propane gas and nails. A new and interesting type of bomb. I just wish that it had been police work that had found it. On the other hand, I'll take luck every time. Better to have found it than have it go off.

Last week, on Larry Kudlow's show on CNBC, it was announced that suicide bombers were leaving the Middle East and would show up first in Europe, then the United States. I'm not going downtown at Rush Hour. Puss, have a fabulous weekend, much chocolate, champers and sex, in any order at all.


Anonymous said...

we have created a very bad reality that would have been different if we kept to the plan: get the bad guy; the one who blew up our towers and pentagon.

Shibari said...

hmmm.. Terrorism used to be something that happened somewhere else.. Now sadly it is a reality everywhere.
Terrorists thrive on the fact that we don't feel safe anywhere we go. They seem to think that we live our lives oblivious.
We don't.
But I do think it is pathetic that they get off on injuring and killing people. It's sick.
I say if they WERE having more sex there would be no terrorism.. ;) They would be too happy to think up crazy shit to do.

mist1 said...

Why wish that police had found it? What difference would that really make? It was found. Call it luck, call it divine intervention, whatever. I think that most things are found by civilians. After all, there are more of us and we are everywhere.

Glamourpuss said...

Well, the chances of me being anywhere near Tiger, Tiger (the club outside which the bomb was found) are remote - it's a hole. As to the underground car park on Park Lane...

Seriously, I've lived through the IRA and the North London Bomber, and I've no intention of shuffling off yet.