Friday, June 08, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

I am heavily influenced by quite a few people. I believe it was Milton that wrote that "no man is an island unto himself" and that includes me. I periodically mention Tiffany King here. Tiffany is a Physical Therapist in a hospital. On Tuesday, May 29th, she had a great day and probably saved someone's life.

The day before was Memorial Day. She volunteered to work. She is in Alliance, Nebraska, a garden spot of the country. She had two patients. One was an older man, with Alzheimer's, a loathsome disease. He had no visitors, but was lucid for a change. She spent her own time visiting with the man as he told her of his days in WW2 with Patton in Europe. She didn't have to do it. She was on her own time. I remember several years ago there were bumper stickers proclaiming that we should all commit senseless acts of kindness. These are only two incidents Tiffany has written about, she's a regular contributor who never bothers to say anything. I'm proud to say I have actually met her. She's better and funnier in person than you'd ever believe from reading her posts.

CMHL is well known to me as someone who can and has posed an enormous number of moral situations that I have considered, and argued; and subsequently changed me enormously. Most notably, I used to argue in favor of euthanasia and Kevorkian Laws. But I am very opposed to Capital Punishment. There are intellectual arguments that can be made, but she was very correct not only on a consistency basis, but on the basis of having to make the decision under duress. I was there twice in recent months with my cat, and it's a decision best left to a professional if there's a decision to be made at all. Holmes rallied once when both Judy and I were certain that she was gone. I would hate to make that mistake with anyone, ever.

CMHL has always tackled the very toughest topics with grace, intelligence, tact, and insight. She has consistently been smarter and worker harder than me, and that means she went a whole lot farther because I work more than most. Still, she has always outclassed me. Who could ever ask for better? Not me.

On June 6th, Mist1 wrote a post about being disinvited from an affair. It was sort of funny if you didn't read between the lines. I took umbrage at the post, naturally. You can dump on me, but not on a respected colleague.

On the 7th of June, I went to the doctor's office, with all of the above rifling through my head. A woman wheeled into the lobby, clearly not able to handle the wheelchair she was in. I just asked her what floor she was going to and asked if I could wheel her to her doctor's office. And I did. It was no big deal, except to her. She asked my name, and I told her my first name, and I told her not to worry, that what goes around, comes around. Anyone of you would have done the same thing. At a minimum, it was transcendentally putting a positive vibe back in the Universe for Mist and Holmes.

Today, the news was covering the changing of the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during wartime to show an enormous number of news people with cameras covering Paris Hilton being picked up at her house by the Los Angeles Police to be taken to Court for a hearing to determine why she had been released against a Judge's orders. I am certain that by now you all see my point. Paris Hilton and celebrity justice, or injustice, is not more important than changing the Head of the Joint Chiefs in wartime. I am tired of the media over covering Mel Gibson-Don Imus-Micheal Richards-Isiah Washington-Paris Hilton (hereafter called GIRWH) for bad behavior.

GIRWH is merely an example of an emerging class of people that seem to be treated differently by the Legal System. Barry Bonds seemingly followed the rules of Baseball although he broke Federal Law by taking steroids without a prescription that had not yet been banned by baseball. What happened after they were banned is not clear at all. Baseball did nothing to him and neither did the law. CEOs of corporations seems to get away with murder with sweetheart boards that help them loot corporations. Bob Nardelli of Home Depot took over $200 million out of Home Depot legally with the Board's knowledge, which turned out to be more than the company's stock price appreciated during his tenure. If you want to throw illegal immigrants in jail for breaking the law, punish the corporations that hire them too. Let us be consistent. If you are going to send me to jail for reckless driving and then violating my parole, send the celebrity to jail too.

We cannot have a separate Legal System for the Rich and Famous, and they do not deserve non-stop media coverage of their every move. Maybe someone should follow Tiffany around with a camera. Maybe someone could teach me to be as funny as Mist. I'd give her my side of the closet in the bedroom for shoes except my wife already got it. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better than that.


Wicked H said...

Well written as always.

I totally agree about the injustice of the justice system. There are rules, we all follow or break them, we should all be treated the same.

Paris' entrance back to jail trumps everything else IMPORTANT going on in the world. Deplorable! I am not sure how to change it but it saddens me.

The CEO said...

Wicked, I got angry on Wednesday at what happened to Mist, got Holmes' ashes back on Thursday, then went to the doctor, then got really pissed again on Friday. I started writing this on Wednesday, and finished Friday night. I was worried I hadn't tied it together. I'm glad you could make sense out of it. Thank you.

WanderingGirl said...

Gandhi is well quoted as saying "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I guess we have to start with ourselves and start putting more good stuff out there. I truly believe that the more positive feedback people get, the more they are able to put it out there.

Thanks for the lovely compliments. I'm really glad you gave that lady in the wheelchair a push. :) The world can always use more good vibes, and that lady probably needed some desperately.

You're a good egg, CEO, a good egg.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

We increasingly have separate systems for everything in this country, from running for president to evading punishment for crimes committed if you only have enough money.

It is contemptible, and the media frenzy over these people who enjoy the fruits of other people's labors while giving nothing back is obscene.

I am utterly disgusted that Paris Hilton was allowed to hang out at home after willfully, selfishly endangering others. It will be a cold day in Hell before a poor black woman who broke the law is afforded such special treatment.

The CEO said...

Hearts, please write about this. You are 14 tons better at writing than me and will get more people involved.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm flattered by your wonderful compliment, but today I read a post that I think perfectly covers the situation far better than I could.

The blog is Burnett's Urban Etiquette and his post is called "Lie to your children, please."

Please read it and tell me what you think.

The CEO said...

Thank you so much Hearts, he is a superb writer, although I am still partial to you and your style. His post can be found at:

mist1 said...

When you're ready for a story about pet ashes, let me know.

Odat said...

Well said!!!

Glamourpuss said...

Ugh. Paris Hilton is utterly pointless and a waste of our energy. I'm so with you on this one.


cmhl said...

thank you for your kind words-- although you give me too much credit!!!

I agree, it is unbelievable that Paris was able to go back to house arrest.

Although.... perhaps there IS some sort of medical condition of which the public is unaware. Riddle me this, however--- I'm sure there are inmates in maximum security prisons with significant health issues--- are THEY released on house arrest?

Alison said...

Good job. Great post!

Lee said...

You tell 'em Monty!

Echomouse said...

I agree with tell 'em!

I have always committed random acts of kindness. These days, I see it more and more from others too. It's what makes Life, you know? Good post Monty. I have to read the links when I have more time. But for now, thanks for this.