Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dismal Rides Again

I swear to you that I'd like a week to go by without the Chinese having a product that needs to be recalled that can kill you. And, they're fighting this one.

U.S. Regulators have already decided that they need to have a recall on 450,000 tires that are found on SUVs, vans and pickups where there have already been two confirmed deaths from tread separation
. You may remember the Firestone Recall in 2000 over the same issue.

Here things get confusing. The Chinese Company admits to leaving out the gum layer that keeps the tread bonded to the tire, which costs $1 to install. They are claiming that "foreign competitors are trying to hamper their exports to the United States".

Please read the article and get yourself some real tires if you have these on your vehicle. I can no longer just alert you every week to the latest Chinese fiasco and not have my stomach ulcerate. So, I'm adding a few things for a little mental health here.

Please visit Odat's blog and vote for her in the three categories she is nominated for in Best Blogger Awards. They are related to humor, and it's nights like this that I steal over there and go back to Happy Dancing Feet Friday, and some of the others so I can laugh.

Then, go to Notafraidofchange who is nominated for one of the same awards. By solving simultaneous equations, you can all figure it out, and they both can win big, huge in fact! As they say at Nike, Just Do It!!

Thank You Very Much!!! And, if you stop by Hearts or Mist's, tell them I said Hi.


Glamourpuss said...

I'm still chuckling at the comments on your last post...


Odat said...'re sweet..thanks for the shout out!

I have "real" tires! But thanks for the warning!!!


The CEO said...

Puss, you've come to the right place for humor. Judy and I schedule our fights too. Right. Talk about spontaneous.

Odat, I'm a long-time reader, lurker, and now, the truth has been told. You're where I go after I write my depressing posts, which seem like most of them these days. I voted when I came home from the hospital.