Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally, Something Not So Dismal

After a while, all the economics and nastiness of everyday life can grind you down if you don't stop and appreciate some of the beauty that surrounds us.

Above is the best side portrait I have been able to get of the male blue jay so far. One day, I am going to break the pickets out of the fence. OK, maybe just a few of them, all where the left feeder is. I have added a right feeder. Restless hands.

Here is an adequate but not great shot of the male blue jay's beautiful markings. I'll post a better shot just as soon as I get one. He's about as fast as the Cardinals. Please don't hold your breath.

And finally, here's our newest little female fledgling Cardinal. She's barely flying, but easy to scare. That's a tiny piece of straw in her beak. I think they're both gorgeous. It may be because I get to see these beauties in real life, but, I don't have anything else to say.


mist1 said...

Do you have binoculars? I highly recommend them.

The CEO said...

We both have a pair. Good choice!

Glamourpuss said...

They are so pretty! I'm salivating just looking at them. Miaow!


cmhl said...

beautiful!!!! I love the color of the beak on the cardinal..

do you have a hummingbird feeder?

The CEO said...

We're working on a hummingbird feeder. These two are too high off the ground. We have been told that the hummingbirds don't like to feed 10 to 15 feet off the ground, which is where these feeders are. Pictures to follow when i solve that problem.

Odat said...

sooooooooo nice!!!! I have a robin that greets me everymorning on my front lawn. He's not afraid, just stands there, looks at me..then goes digging for his worm!!! (and he always gets one or two!)

rebecca said...

oh. i love bird watching!!!