Sunday, June 17, 2007

Please See EchoMouse And Pay Your Condolensces

I am sad to report that Echomouse has lost her mother this past week. After a long struggle, her mother finally succumbed. Carrie was at her mother's side when she finally succumbed.

Earlier this year, her father also passed away from several diseases, most notably Alzheimer's. Someone else not having a great 2007.

Two of you have already been there. Many have not. I hate to always be the bearer of bad news. On the other hand, to the person who has had the unfortunate event happen to them, it's good to have the outside world of people you may read or have seen think of you when you are in need yourself.

This is one of those truly easy things to do that constitutes an easy thing that means so much, one of those little acts of kindness.

Thank You,



Echomouse said...

{{{Hug}}} Thank you Monty. This is very thoughtful and kind of you.

I've been reading your blog here and there but wasn't able to comment at the time. Now you know why. Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and doing better. We'll both be glad to see the back end of 2007 I'm sure.

Off to catch up on your latest now. Thanks again :) This means a lot.

Matt said...

We're all condemned aren't we?

I dunno, unless the Singularity occurs anytime soon....

Glamourpuss said...

2007 is turning out to be a difficult year all round...