Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Extra Extra Read All About It

Crankster Lives! And, he's looking pretty good! Great smile too. I have laid hands on him yesterday for lunch. We talked for a couple of hours, which went by in about a minute and a half. He looks good, and is finishing his move to NYC.

He promises to be back on-line ASAP, which could be a while. He'll need a new job, a new computer, and to get his house unloaded from a truck.

Attention Odat and Pool, we're sending him your way. Take good care of him!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Come on up to escape the city anytime Cranky and family! There is always a decent concert on the New Haven Green this time of year. Let a blogger know wazzz up.

Matt said...

*I* wasn't invited!!!!! LOL.

Well, I'll look forward to his return. The worst thing is when people drop out without a word.

Odat said...

Yup..I'm gonna keep my eye on him!!! As you know I too had lunch with the famous Crankster!!!