Friday, July 06, 2007

Numerology, Here? Never!

The word is that tomorrow is going to be the luckiest day in a long time because the date will be 7/7/7. The Wedding Industry, as reported by, is reporting that the number of planned wedding is skyrocketing, being that the 'lucky' day falls on a Saturday. Something like 38,000 people will get married tomorrow. I suppose we will expect 19,000 divorce applications on 8/8/8 if you're into gambling, not that there's a cynic in the group.

I'll keep this short, many of you on are the beach, and I don't mean between consulting gigs. The Morning Meeting Rule for drinking on vacation is Mimosas are acceptable at 8 AM if food is also taken with the drink. Hopefully that's also includes, but is not limited to a multi-vitamin.

Have a fabulous weekend, and if you're drinking, remember to get oiled up, and leave the driving to someone who can walk straight and do integral calculus. Otherwise, grab a cab. I need you all back in one piece and good working order, approximately.


Naughty said...

I wanted to get married on 6/6/6....but hubbie wouldn't allow it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was just happy hubby was going to go through with the wedding.

Glamourpuss said...

So do you feel lucky, punk?

Sorry. Came over all Clint Eastwood there.

WanderingGirl said...

I can't do integral calculus sober.

Wicked H said...

Integral calc so much easier with a few under my belt...hiccup!

But promise to be careful, thanks for the reminder.

Claudia said...

D'oh!! You just reminded me it's a friend's b-day. I have to go phone.

The CEO said...

Welcome aboard Naughty, I did get married on 6/6, 36 years ago. Worked out fine for me.

Pool, I lucked out too. She thinks she lucked out too.

Puss, yeah, we felt lucky, we rolled 7's.

WG, you can always contract out, which is what you should do with the driving when not sober.

Wicked, you can do anything.

Claudia, so glad to be of some value.

Claudia said...

Incidentally, if they actually studied numerology at all, they'd know that 7 is actually a number of introspection and inner-growth, not one of partnership!! LOL

Shibari said...

Not sure how lucky yesterday was... but I live in Vegas... Isn't everyday lucky?