Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Post Number 208; Freedom Abounds

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Glamourpuss for nominating me to be a Rocking Girl Blogger. We are all in this game of life together, and it is the expectations that we generate of each other that kill our relationships. I therefore celebrate all those things we share, rather than look for any of the things that separate us. Thank you Puss, than you so much!

The people I am nominating have had the most significant effect on me, and also haven't been nominated yet.

I have never hidden the effect and influence that CMHL has had on me, not just as the first blogger I started reading, but as perhaps the smartest person I have ever read. She's overworked because she is so competent, a mother of two, and simply wonderful.

I just had a spontaneous lunch with Crankster where we discussed everything from why James K. Polk could be considered the best President of the United States (he made four campaign promises in 1840, kept them, then left office quietly) to why we adore our wives. In between was the absolute brilliance of Lee, as an artist and person, the problems we had as feminists, the debate over Longstreet and Lee in the Civil War as the reason for the South losing at Gettysburg, the use of high fructose sugars in ketchup, the people of Poland, and the optimum route to the Bronx, exit 10 or exit 14 off the NJ Turnpike. I mean, we only had lunch.

Lee of Studio Twenty-three runs four influential blogs. I only comment on one or two of them, but I read all of them. Lee makes me think as much as anyone as she navigates a sea of existential angst with as much grace and skill as possible. She is important in my life. Her photography shows enormous thought and introspection. She is so incredibly imaginative. She has watercolor paintings that are so delicate.....

Cindy was the second blogger that I read after CMHL. Cindy is simply a wonderful person, with a spectacular sense of humor, and a genuine warmth and kindness that makes you glad that you know her. I still carry on a long running conversation with her, and one day, should I ever get near Hartford, Wisconsin I shall meet this budding young photographer/economist! Unfortunately, you need to get e mail access to her blog due to potential problems like those that Pool and others have suffered.

And then, there's the Mist1. The piece d'resistance. The shoemeister. The ultimate Rocking Girl Blogger to me. If you can't nominate five people as a postscript, have 39 call me and I'll arrange a guest post. I'm hoping for a great acce[tance speech, myself.

Note bene: There are others such as Pool and Hearts, for example, that I would have also nominated, except, they have already won the award.


cinders said...

Why thank you, CEO, though I don't know if I'm quite the rocking girl blogger as you are. ;)

I'm once again open to the public. For now.

cmhl said...

Thank you CEO!!!

I think you should nominate Judy, after all, she pinch-hit for you while you were in the hospital, right??

The CEO said...

Judy has 51% of everything I do. In reality, I think it's 98%, but man must live by his myths and she does take good care of me!

It's you guys who are important. Take a bow, please!

Lee said...

Thanks luv, see you tomorrow!

mist1 said...

Mist 1 wishes that she could have accepted this award in person, however she is probably three sheets to the wind on the beach by now.

The CEO said...

See you tomorrow gorgeous.

Mist, the award can wait until you get back.

Glamourpuss said...

Mon plaisir. You know how I like to bend the rules.


My Reflecting Pool said...

awwww, thanks for that! Sounds like you had a great lunch with Crankster. Personally, I avoid going the 440 through staten Island at all costs. its pretty stinky and the traffic is hideous.

Odat said...

And you do, indeed, rock! Congrats!