Monday, July 09, 2007

A Lazy July Monday Morning Agenda

This little fellow is the North American Male Blue Bird. This beauty has come to trust me over time. We're friends, just like the entire Cardinal family. His profile is at the bottom and you should be able to see more of his tail feathers. My wife, looking at the second photo, thinks that the railing needs painting. Naturally.

Mist1 is either in rehab, on vacation, or incarcerated; and will return in a week, a month or 25 to life. You too can take the quiz and see if you can guess correctly when and if she will return. Perhaps one of the Mists will make a statement. Perhaps not.

There's a brand new blogger named Naughty who is just starting. I don't think she has written 5 posts yet. Her operating philosophy is "Waiting for life to take me in the next direction. Seeking inspiration from the world around me." When I first started, I remember writing a post explaining that people didn't have to agree with me to comment. They still don't, by the way. Why not drop by and say hello to a newbie. I enjoyed her blog. You might too.

In honor of Naughty, who likes to get stimulated on the 'net, then take it out on her husband, I offer you the following true story. This weekend, I had the most fantastic threesome in a sushi joint in a motorcycle gasoline alley with these two women. I was sucking down some yellow tail sashimi when I asked the two women if they knew the difference between pussy and parsley? I'll leave this to the comment section. I'm sure someone will know.

Last, make sure you know that the U.S. Post Office sells "Forever" Stamps now that have no denomination on them. If you are leaving town and you want to take your bills with you, use the forever stamps. They guarantee that you have the correct denomination for your bill, which is first class for a one oz letter. The postage rate changed in May and a lot of people didn't realize it. The Post Office now issues the Forever Stamp to avoid the hastles of changing postage when rate hikes take place. Protect yourself, we're dealing with the guvamint.


WanderingGirl said...

What a beautiful, beautiful bird!

Now, as for the pussy/parsley question... I don't know, and I'm afraid of the answer!

Naughty said...

CEO - I'm flattered I made it into your blog! Thank you. Hope I start to think of something inspiring to write soon!

I'm curious how you suck down on yellow tail tell.

As for the difference between pussy and parsley. It's obvious: no-one eats parsley. Do I get a gold star?! ;-)

Odat said...

Wow what great pics...and I knew the answer!! hehe....

Eris said...

I eat parsley. It is a natural breath cleanser. I don't eat the latter. Ever.

Wicked H said...

THIS is the exact reason I heart CEO and ALL his readers/commenters!

Glamourpuss said...

That is one beautiful bird.


The CEO said...

WG, thanks, the bird is my buddy.

Naughty, this post was to motivate you.

Odat, he drops by daily to see how I'm doing. I am in love with this bird.

Eris, you're naturally healthy, except for the wrist problem, and the job thingy.

Wicked, you and yours are one of my favs! Always.

Puss, I fancy the day that you were sitting here in my little corner of the World watching him and his friends.

mist1 said...

I don't like the idea of a Forever stamp. I have a fear of commitment.