Friday, August 17, 2007


Glamourpuss, who publishes an insightful journal of her experiences called The Pole Affair and her newest and most spectacular blog creation of creative, descriptive, and imaginative pieces of writing called Clairvoyance, decided to grant me a Thoughtful Blogger Award. By the way, not having read her new blog, you have missed out on some of the finest writing I have ever encountered, the most interesting, entertaining, colorful, vivid and illuminating imagery, and general overall excellence. Not that any of you are running low on excellence lately.

Which brings me to the people I am going to nominate. Blogging has been good to me. I met CMHL who is one of the most most dependable, rock steady, thoughtful people on this planet.

I met Alison through CMHL. The Morning Meeting exists, in large part because of these two. There has been a lot going on and Alison is one of those people who hears from me when things are less than perfect. She's quite a friend.

I have a few of those relationships that you'd never believe if you didn't see it for yourself. Holmes, Judy and I think or thought that Tiffany King of A Dog, A Cat, And A Girl With Fabulous Shoes was just about one of the nicest people we had ever met. She's like a member of the family around here. That means when I was really sick, she knew what to say, and what needed to be done with every problem. She's a source!

Then there's Claudia. I have a need to talk about photography. With Claudia, it grew into friendship. I suspect that if I had the right espresso here, we could talk for days.

And last, but far from least is M@ of Animalmind. You all know M@ as a virile male specimen, better looking than his picture, oozing sexual phermones from every pore. I know M@ as a quiet, contemplative guy, seemingly alone, the kind of guy that could take an ocean going kayak across a vast body of water against the odds. I hope that he can find enough time from all the women that chase him to meet for lunch again this year, or next.

Those are my choices, and I'm proud of all of them!


Claudia said...

Thank you and hugs to you!!

Glamourpuss said...

You flatter me with such fulsome praise.

Thank you, poppet.


Odat said...

All great choices...
Peace and have a great weekend!

M@ said...

Thank you, CEO. It was a pleasure to meet you, too, though I have to say I'm normally a bit more garrulous. I'm after a hot Japanese chick now so I've cheered a bit!


The CEO said...

Claudia, well deserved!

Puss, thank you. I am strong and supportive, I hope!

pop·pet (pŏp'ĭt) pronunciation

1. A poppet valve.
2. Nautical.
1. A small wooden strip on a gunwale that forms or supports an oarlock.
2. One of the beams of a launching cradle supporting a ship's hull.

Odat, have a great weekend! Happy Dancing Friday!

M@, go get 'em. Maybe we can double date?

Alison said...

Thank you! You're pretty damn sweet.

cmhl said...

Thank you ceo!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picks!

Jay said...

I can't wait to check these out!

notfearingchange said...

thanks for the references...MORE READING MATERIAL!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Congratulations to you, and I'll check them out now.

WanderingGirl said...


I thought you two were pretty swell as well. Hey, I rhymed!

rebecca said...

fabulous choices! and i choose you.

The CEO said...

Alison, it's always good seeing you.

CMHL, I'm always glad to see you too.

Pool, you need to come visit soon and we need to party.

Jay, it's nice meeting you. Seeing as how you're a writer, add Crankster and Heartinsanfrancisco to your list of truly great writers.

NFC, yes, more reading material, and Crankster is back and writing again!

Hearts, always a pleasure.

WG, we are not opposed to coming to Farmville, if we can find it. We'll pack in food and picnic so you don't have to travel.

Rebecca, you shouldn't have. Thank you so much.