Monday, August 13, 2007

She Keeps Coming Back To Visit

This is my little buddy who came around when she was barely able to fly. We are a good source of food as far as she is concerned, and she has learned not to be afraid of me with my little camera. When things get down and nasty and there are in-laws everywhere, I find myself turning to the birds like this little jewel lately.

And if you really want to feel good, Echomouse has a neat post about rescuing chipmunks complete with a picture of a chipmunk on a kayak being rescued. There are times when you just need to cheer your way through a good animal rescue story and most, but not all of her commenters oblige us with stories of their own. EM just finished a long trip. Unfortunately, she drove North from where she lives in Canada. I had hoped she might come South, directly to Washington, DC for a visit. A very subtle hint, like a 30 pound sledge hammer.

Now, I always sneak over to Odat's to feel good. For example, every Monday is Happy Monkey Monday. And then Odat does her thing. Odat is on my list. I don't actually have a list. Admiral Perry, the guy who went to both the North and South Pole made lists popular. He actually had going to both poles on his life's goals list, as well as seeing every continent.

On my list, one item would be meeting Odat. She has to be one of the most cheerful, happy, positive people on Earth. I like having that in my life.

I guess the issue becomes who would you like to meet, and what do you do to feel better?


MJ said...

Going on a long walk in the mountains always helps me ..I love being in naked in nature !!! I should do that quick because I have been in a rather dark mood for the past few months

Glamourpuss said...

Who and what depends upon when and why, but often, time alone to look after myself works best.

Cute birdie.


The CEO said...

MJ, sounds like a camping trip is in order! Have a great time!

Puss, I hope you're writing when you're alone.

Echomouse said...

I love it when little birds return to visit. Thanks for sharing these photos :)

Must make ODAT a must-visit-daily link for sure. And I will one day make it to your neck of the woods :) Alternatively, if you ever head my direction, let me know!

Echomouse said...

Forgot to say what I do to feel's freudian or something.

Lately, movies seem to be the main thing. Driving and photography and walks along a lake or river help too.

The CEO said...

EM, I'm glad you like the pictures. It's what i do to relax and enjoy life. I'm glad to see you getting out and having a little fun too! We'll meet one day. Maybe in Bannf, if not DC.

Odat said...

You must be on those birdies list!
How amazing they are!

And thanks so much for the shout out...I'd love to meet you one day too! And oh I wish my life were as cheerful as my blogs...ahahaha!
PS...(Have you read Claudia? Go see please)

cmhl said...

whom would I like to meet!

you of course, CEO--- you need to have the "bloggers family reunion" you have mentioned.

what do I do to feel better?

interesting you should ask---- I have felt pretty good this summer, I am a big seasonal affective disorder sufferer (psychosomatic?)... sunshine makes me feel better. without sunshine, physical activity. I never, ever feel like doing anything, but I always feel better afterwards. recently, I have taking up bowling. haha. seriously.

Wicked H said...

I am delinquent in my meeting skills. Don’t give up on me.

Martinis always make me feel good, it goes without saying. But lately watching Lil Wicked’s humor develop. You were right CEO, she is very smart. A little peace between 9-5 would be great but we can’t have everything.

My Reflecting Pool said...

I adore monkey mondays.

The CEO said...

Odat, Hi, I have been derelict in my reading. I'll go read Claudia now. It's always good seeing you here!

CMHL, I'll be trying to get a hotel to give me a discount for the Memorial Day Weekend next year. Or any weekend at this rate. I hope you can make it!

Wicked, I haven't bugged you, yet. But brothers have a responsibility to sister, you know.

Pool, I have always thought that you and Odat were best buds. And you live so close together. And Crankster lives between both of you. Sounds like a party!

Shibari said...

What a beautiful bird :)
I wish I had one that visited me
How are you friend?